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Literally nothing

It moved 6668.00% you sure it is nothing?

It's up 32% because of their own blockchain and token burn.

I'll spoonfeed you, Binance said they were making a decentralized exchange to complement the regular one. BNB will be a (if not, then THE) main trading currency. Gonna need that instead of Bitcoin or ETH

How does burning something increase its value?

Serious question.

>how does having less supply drives up prices

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>how does making less of something increase its value??

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decreased supply = higher value.

Why are you posting this image? Is this something called a meme? Kind of new to crypto

you have to go back

>BNB will be a (if not, then THE) main trading currency. Gonna need that instead of Bitcoin or ETH

You don't see how this could possibly go wrong? Make my own funny money tell people you can only shop at my store with my funny money.

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>you have to go back

No need to be rude just asking simple questions.

here let me show you the way out

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I thought we could be friends. Seems like you need a hug. So explain to me how this burn thing works again.

where are my dave and buster's bucks at?

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Didny Worl does it. Tether is its own funny money.

I only on enough BNB to cover fees.

its been answered multiple times in this thread already

Supply and demand

post your boipussy first, then I'll consider it

I like to see you respond. I do very little work to get you to dance. You have a vague idea of what trolling actually is one day your balls will drop be more subtle and less edgy

>Tether is its own funny money

Right, but tether is its own thing this is kind of odd.



Pls respond frands.

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Just at admit you fomo'd in late as fuck

bought at 19k and price locked immediately.
meanwhile you hodl.

What the fuck is the BNB price going to end up at anyway. I genuinely care about your professional opinions.

At best, $100, it'll most likely sit around $10. Look for multiples of 10, gotta have a good round number for a fiat.

I spent em at that one tgi fridays over in franklin mills

Seriously? I don't know man don't think the market can move that much unless people start pumping bitcoin.

Bitcorn controls everything and it looks like it is just moving sideways.

It is a funny money used to get funny money. This is the problem I don't know how deep you can go down the funny money hole with out some type problem. They will fork it next? Then what

I literally said it will sit around $10 faggot, AT BEST $100

Everyone buying BNB right now is a sucker. The DEX plan was in their whitepaper, nothing new. There is no release date announced and it is probably a year away. By that time, they will be late to the DEX party. Nothing in their announcement is groundbreaking and it basically just says they plan to keep up with the industry (don't want to lose customers to DEXs). This is FOMO at its finest.


so nothing

You're retarded

Pretty sure you don't understand how percentages work

how does someone this retarded know how to use the internet?

Serious question.

I copy pasted that from the funny money printer.

>You're retarded

You are buying dirt in a dying fucking industry.

I have 1000 bnb coin, no idea how they got into my wallet on binance