What the fuck is going on? I can't tell what the fuck this thing is gonna go

What the fuck is going on? I can't tell what the fuck this thing is gonna go

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sideways for years

its gona crash bro

Isn't this good for alts? While BTC goes sideways alts do mini pumps

down then up then sideways then down then idk might go up or down again

>implying he ever knew what it was going to do

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People are exiting, but because you need BTC to exit alts it's up-n-down.
The entire market is bleeding though.

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Bear flag on higher time frames, but could also be descending wedge depending on how you want to draw it. I'm bearish, but holding until it breaks $9050. If it blows through that, its going to dump hard.

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>I can't tell what the fuck this thing is gonna go
i can.500k eoy

Good luck with that.

you were told it was going to go sideways for a while
did you listen

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It's sideways

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>TA with blatant wash trading occuring everywhere...

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bots are pushing bitcorn to the side, while TA shills are telling everyone to Short so whales can liquidate there accounts.

the current state of shitcorn

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Looks like a gradual downward trend desu.

Sideways BTC means alts can actually do their thing. I hope the bots keep it going for a little while longer.

yet another faggot who didn't understand that oscillations have only two sources: gullible faggot panic selling or FOMOing, and whales cashing out.

A third source is wash trading, liquidating noobs playing on margin and taking their loot.

>wash trading


jewbots are bleeding us dry

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I think it might go up or it might go down imo.

Remember kids. Don't trade on margin like a retard. The exchanges are full of knife throwing jews and you don't want to be an idiot catching them with your hands.