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I know that there are only two genders. Also XMR and XRP are the only altcoins worth having.

I widened my urethra and finger it often. It's like my own vagina. I can't wait to be able to afford SRS.

I have never fucked a girl. But do you know there are transmen now? There are some on scruff who look kind of like passable masculine men with beards and hair and everything. Except they have pussies. I think I should fuck one just so I can say I’ve fucked a pussy once in my life, but then when I chat to them on scruff they don’t speak like men. They want to talk about feelings, and have a drink or something before fucking which is weird for me. And then I think what if they smell like fish and i get grossed out?

Not sure if srs

Oh dear

I'm still depressed and deep down I know it will never be enough.

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How? O_o

Im married and I fucked my coworker twice. Feels bad.

Day trading. Just bought the NOAH dip at 100 sats for another quick couple grand. Still feel empty inside. I just sit here in front of my computer, trading and listening to that weird sound distant traffic makes at night.

What is scruff like a trans tinder?


Lock her up!

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The local Iman would like your company for an interfaith cultural exchange, just over there up on the roof

I believe that the majority of Veeky Forums looks like OP's pic

How much LINK to afford top tier hormones/boob job?

Emperor ming looking mfer

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Teach me senpai? Being an educator may fill the void you feel.

today it's a sad day, but don't let this mark you, don't forget, learn, learn,learn and also about skywire

Lmao with transfess, IT kinda looks like a bit of sheldon cooper, but more gay

No it’s like Grindr for regular gay men (masculine, hairy, bears, etc)