Crupto currency is increasing climate change

Your fake money is going to ruin the world for your kids.

I hope you are happy.

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No, it's raising energy demand and thus energy prices, leading to less efficient early stage renewable energy source harvesting devices to be profitable to develop and sell, leading to a future where more efficient versions of those renewable energy harvesting devices will outcompete oil and fossil fuels before we run of out them, leading to more net carbon forever sealed in the earth as fossil fuels in the long run.

Now you understand the mechanics of capitalism a little better, and how mining shitcoins in wasteful processes actually saves earth.

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fuck the planet

That's bullshit no matter how you spin it

Burning vast quantities fuel to guess numbers in order to send 7 transactions per second is one of the most wasteful things one can do on this earth

>fuck the planet

fuck you

>That's bullshit no matter how you spin it
>I have no way to explain why it's bullshit
>Reiterate the common "muh wasteful energy" statement
You're not very good at arguing, are you, friend.

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by the time anything would really pop off from this shit we'll all be dead or the nukes will fly and cause a nuclear winter

My children will be rich and all the poor people will be gone, how is this a bad thing?

>what is evolutionary pressure?
>what is technological advancement out of neccessity?
go hug a tree, faggot. the environment will be fixed by humanity again, when its neccessary. until then, you need to find another place to take bong hits and fuck unwashed hippy broads than the open woods...
we need that space for civilization for the time being...

Boomers already destroyed it. We need to put old people on the Blockchain. Oracles to track their age and movements. Smart contracts to annhilite them.

Broken window fallacy

>your kids

oh wait, you're serious
let me laugh even harder

screw this world

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I should also add we should put children on the blockchain. Oracles to track if they’re naughty or nice. IoT connected drones to hunt them down.

What is the problem with climate change? Humans and animals will adapt, like they always do.

No it's not you troll.

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>close borders
>shitskins starve and die from endless heatwaves
>can grow bananas in Canada
I'm fine with global warming


There will and must always be poor and rich people, you fucking degenerate

Oh no! You mean I might ruin the planet so a bunch of shitskins can't enjoy it? Oh no ;'(

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good thing isn't it . way too cold here

>implying the energy usage of the entire financial system is any better
>implying DLT won't become more efficient, and save billions of dollars, time, energy and effort.

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>climate change

Bigger hoax, bigger cottage industry, climate change or crypto?

if you want to be part of the future and to look back with pride, try to be smart , try to be documented, try to be part of skywire

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Normies' irrational fear of nuclear power is what doomed the planet.


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enjoy your incoming crippling loneliness in t-10 years

People are actually this retarded.

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jokes on you, i have complete control of my thoughts and feelings thanks to autistic meditation.

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