Alright Veeky Forums I was wary of investing more fiat into crypto at this moment as collapse might me imminent...

Alright Veeky Forums I was wary of investing more fiat into crypto at this moment as collapse might me imminent. (or sminem will safe us and we bulrun who knows) But jibrel network made me pretty exited about crypto again. A platform that allows me to buy all forms of commodities, stocks, derivatives with crypto. That would be awesome. Believe me when I say it is hard for normies to invest into this stuff as it is not readily accessible. JNT can actually revolutionize investing and will attract loads of peeps. Tokenized derivatives will be awesome and the JNT token will have real utility as it is the token required to purchase these derivatives.
This project is amazing guys. If someone has more bullish info or even FUD on JNT please reply I'd love to hear your opinions.

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"The SEED Group will provide liquidity during the pilot period, but it is expected that the central bank will provide liquidity directly after six months. "

"If successful, it is hoped that jCash will provide smart contract technology to facilitate everyday transactions such as mortgage payments and property ownership transfers."

This is the most recent news, extremely bullish.

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talal is a janitor

At least paste the bloody thing, this low effort just disgusts me

Guys, guys you might want to sit down for this.
I have a friend who works in the SEED fund, nothing too fancy, financial analyst, no lambo yet but doing well for himself. I've been pretty excited about Jibrel, so naturally I told him about it. He gets back to me yesterday, and get this: he's never even heard of jibrel. He asked around a bit and found out the sad truth.
It was the info about Jibrel's office being in SEED HQ that finally led him to a supply cabinet in the basement, with the jibrel logo printed on a sheet of paper, glued to the door. Apparently this Talal fella does work at SEED, but as a member of the cleaning staff. He is good natured but very simple. When he heard about bitcoins he got really excited, he had to go lay down so he could calm down. The IT guys took pity on him and made him his very own ERC20 token, so he could pretend to be rich. They threw a website together, filled it with generic mumbojumbo (asset tokenization, lol). Someone even spent 5 minutes in photoshop on the logo. They had some pull with palmex, so he could "trade" his little tokens over there. But it got to Talal's head and with some friends from the cleaning crew (affectionately called the "poo boys"), they have been writing jibberish and spreading misinformation online. This has got to stop, for everybody's sake. There is no big reveal coming, it is all going to turn out to be a sad misunderstanding. Get out while you can.


Also israel

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This is a regulatory nightmare that, from my reading, doesn't do enough to incentivise organisations to tokenise their assets and then pass on the ownership of those assets to a token ecosystem, while still bearing the responsibility of maintaining the assets in escrow.

More like

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someone do talal like this

the organisations tokenizing their assets atm seem to be central banks

they would have incentives to do this besides making a quick buck.

So we should be ok with that, even if you were right about other organizations not jumping on, which I doubt you are.


This REUTERS article is pure fake, this pic was also photoshoped. Everything is fake. Sell now, it's over!

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JNT and QASH may be the holy duality which brings the big money into this sector

What about the jibrel logo under the seed groups partnership / investment section? Fake too?

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Just joking.
Someone in this thread tries to FUD as much as he possible to accumulate.

Why still discuss this shitcoin? You're literally baiting in empty waters. No one here to buy it, the normies are gone, there's no one left to scam.

actually, that guy ain't here
the janitor FUD is just good natured fun, /ourboy/ Talal is in our hearts

I say he aint here, but then he shows up right above me

>le FUD, just hodl amirite bros? xD haha

>the normies are gone
They wouldn't buy it. TRX, NANO or XRP is their targets.

Don't tell me you fell for it too, user.

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let's see where we end up in a years time, buddy