How can we get this idiot to keep shilling crypto?

How can we get this idiot to keep shilling crypto?

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We have to arrange a meeting between her and me so we will fuck

We have to arrange a meeting between her and me so we will fuck first

you don't want famous people to keep shilling this garbage crypto needs to slumber so the last normies sell off and we can start buying again retard

this retard legit has a below 90 IQ
it oozes from her talks

gib milkies

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>implying this hasn't already happened

no she is very clever

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You can arrange a meeting and fuck each other.

Katy Perry is beautiful and a very funny girl, would marry no doubt

if every retard would've sold we'd be at the bottom already

Nice idea to be honest
Can share our portfolios

Would tittie-fuck her no doubt Gwen stefani too

Best tits in showbiz

I got dibs on KStew

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post more Kstews

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Very nice
Dont stop it my friend
Turn it in /tv/ thread dedicated to Kstew

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I should probably stop before I get banned

REQ $100 EOY!!!!


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I gotta go change my oil anyway... been putting it off for too damn long!

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This cunt was shilling Bitcoin a few weeks ago.

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>I should probably stop before I get banned

No fear my friend

One more before I get to work on the car....

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Is she a potato nigger?

Thanks mr user

Fuck that, how can we get her to suck my dick?

I'd be down for that but first we have to spit-roast this faggot

what did he mean by this?

is she Irish

Fully agree

she's so fucking hot, fuuuuuucccckkkk

Google Katy Perry deepfakes

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There's definitely a big black something in her something

Does somebody have the shoop where her boobs are bigger? Asking for a friend.

she has multiple personality disorder, the ppl that have that were abused, generally. take a look at the case surrounding MK ultra.

Bitcoin needs to start going back up, or she would have to be sold on some social thing. Maybe a movement to get more women into crypto, and maybe say men are purposefully trying to keep women out.

We should meme this around the next big bull run and dump our bags on dumb roasties

Katie Perry used to be hot but she hit the wall bad. She is doing everything she can now to try and stay relevant

>The wall
You know how I know you're a virgin?

We already did that in december.

Who has the uncensored version of the American Idol wardrobe malfunction?

Implying her handler didn’t come up with that for her and authorize the post.

where are the promised fappening pics of that tasty whore?