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just sold 100k google

Come on you apes, you wanna wagecuck forever?!

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this is great news for me, and terrible news for street shitters

Holy shit! This is our last chance we need a big pump NOW so we can sell our bags to all the normies before the inevitable death of crypto!!


are you a crypto shill that gets paid to advertise? get sued.

uh where do you think you are?

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first they laugh at you (current time man)
then they fight you (SEC and regulations)
then you win

Not all cryptos are scams, but most crypto ads are.

It's the right move for Google. We would need to clean the market if we ever want normal people to adventure in it.

Google doesn't even ban fraudulent ticket scalping sites. The state of ICOs. But seriously. Why in the fuck does an IPO/ICO need to advertise on Google. An established company or exchange sure.


First they ignore you. We're moving out of step two, laughing, and into step three, fighting.

It's hilarious how this is crashing the price of bitcoin. I'm not even a coinfag, but banning ads really shouldn't affect the price one way or another.

pajeet detected

im right here with you alex

Notice they don't ban it right away, but prolong it to cause more suffering

They're probably working on thier own crypto economy as we speak

Agree with this guy

I'm hodling atm, but looking at bitcointalk makes me wanna short. So many idiots with those scam banners and their broken english.
>hurr i think price go up because it mean good income
Literally what they sound like. These morons need to be shaken off.

This. It's not Google banning crypto it's Google banning scams. There are over 1000 cryptocurrencies and who honestly thinks less than 90% of them are scams.

Fucking cuck narrative go back to redddit with your spacing
Google ads contain a shitload of scams, mainly malware crap. This isn't about protecting grannies from buying into shitcoins.

>Google ads contain a shitload of scams, mainly malware crap
Source? You know there are big ad platforms besides Google, right? I have friends that work at Google and they are extremely proactive in banning malware ads and such. So it doesn't surprise me in the least that they are banning all crypto ads when the vast VAST majority are scams.

Have you seen the kind of ads that are posted? It's lending platforms and scam ICOs. Also, spacing between paragraphs isn't Reddit spacing you doofus.