What % of gold should you own as a part of a diversified portfolio?

what % of gold should you own as a part of a diversified portfolio?

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0, gold is being replaced by BTC this century, this is the true flippening

10-15 percent
or go the jewish way with 30% if you are fearful
don't listen to the retards here who sink all their money in funnymoneytokens, they are mostly children

you're talking about bitcoin gold, right?

see little ruggrat

>t. doesn't understand crypto

there's a reason every gold shill on earth hates BTC

You don't need gold anymore, you can hedge with volatility directly.


this too, gold is fucking trash


i currently have 5% allocated. at 15% it seems too large of a opportunity cost should gold have another 15 year bear market

no thanks, the contango and theta (time based) components of VIX futures/products are not a long term strategy

then go with 10 and forget about it
gold is not about the gains, its about when shit hits the fan

Anyone else put all their savings into precious metals?

I use them as a savings account not an investment

So 10% of my monthly income goes straight into silver bullion in my safe. Is this smart or am I being retarded? I have stocks and crypto too

10% is ok but a bit high if you're not investing otherwise

I have 99% of my money in Gold and silver. I'm quite content knowing that whatever happens in the world, it will never go to zero, unlike your meme coins.

not Mike Maloney
not the guy from AMTV

you sure about that buddy? Also not very wise to put so much money in a commodity that lacks liquidity

Silver $50 2020

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>Anyone else put all their savings into precious metals?
no. you just missed a huge bull market in equities over the last several years. if you love your PMs, adopt a lazy portfolio model of 33% PMs, 33% bonds, 33% stocks, rebalancing every 6 mo/year.. but always keep a few months of expenses in cash

forget it
he probably thinks a "diversified portfolio" means
blue chip cryptos (lel) and link

I get a paycheck every week because I'm not a useless NEET, that is all the liquidity I need.

I know nothing about traditional investment. Is going with a Vanguard account a good idea, or is there some means by which I can simply do what they'll do 'manually', without fees?

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vanguard is a good company, and yes, you can do it all yourself via low fee ETF/mutual funds


Thanks. Is there much incentive to DIY? I assume fees are pretty competitive if it's relatively simple to do that, right?

nigga i havent even been in stocks for a year, also who the fuck buys bonds? fuck bonds

what do you mean by "equities"? what boring mutual funds do you suggest? I invested in weed stocks last April, I am up 200-300% on one of them

the incentive is that you understand how shit works, pay absolute minimum fees, and will seem smart should the topic of investment ever come up at a social event.

no just bluechip stocks and not shiny autism rocks that have a liquidity problem

some of them*

I see, thanks

equities is stocks, same thing

and when i say bonds i dont mean just 30 year treasury bills. there are lots of options here with junk bonds, convertible bonds, corporate bonds, etc.


>what boring mutual funds do you suggest?
i'm mostly in ETFs.. $VOO for US stocks, $VXUS for non-US stocks. of you can just hold $VT which holds a bit of everything. schwab also has some very low fee ETFs

if you don't know why you should balance your portfolio with at least 5% gold, then either you don't know anything or playing with lunchmoney, period