Head and shoulders have formed. Going to /make it/ but shorting the shit out of this. Good luck boys

Head and shoulders have formed. Going to /make it/ but shorting the shit out of this. Good luck boys.

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Brainlet here
What does shorting mean

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Inverse head and shoulders on the left side of your pic faggot. At this point it doesn't mean shit.

its when you fold-in your portfolio, and bump the remainder making it "shorter"

yup inverse formed and I went long. From the inverse h&s, it was almost a 100% gain. So it was accurate.

I'm even more confident about this one going down then I was with the inverse h&s going up.

See this:

basically you can invest short term or long term, and you call these investments your short or long positions. 'shorting the shit out of this' means he is going to buy now but sell in a short time instead of holding for a year or more

your h&s has severe scoliosis, i'm sorry but we're gonna have to put her down

Exactly this. Best explanation for new friends

It's when girls pretend to be interested in manlets just to get their hopes up. They make bets with their friends on how long they can lead a guy on without ever even kissing them.

its not legit, slanted. wrong pattern OP. regardless, we're going down.

It was accurate. It's supposed to roughly match the length of the head. The 100% gain you got never happened after the confirmation of the head and shoulders. Only during the head and shoulders, so you're full of shit. It was not accurate because deapite confirmation it waa a false breakout.

That's too slanted to be a H&S. You can also see a similar pattern in your "left shoulder" with the "right shoulder" of that pattern being formed by a 3 wave corrective pattern like the "right shoulder" in your chart, so if that pattern repeats itself we're actually near the bottom.

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Read warosu.org/biz/thread/7660931

its an inverse head and shoulders and then bullish flag dumbass


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U r a pajeet normie, won't see under 7900 btc for a few weeks...have fun losing bitch...fTw hoes

Feel bad for you, so here it is. Its when you burrow an asset to sell it now with the promise to return the same amount of that asset. For example you if you short 100 shares of stock ABC at 10.00$ per share and the price goes down 1$, you've made 1$ per share.

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entry point ?

double top

That's when you buy as much as you can quickly because the price is about to rebound and rocket to $100,000.

delete this

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What is the best timeframe to look for these trends? Here you have it at 1 hour. Is that the way to go?

jesus the TA on this board makes me vomit. please reevaluate how you determine h+s

A type of bet in which you profit from a decline in price, and lose money if it goes up. True shorting can only be done right now via BTC futures contracts.

You don't draw the trendline/neckline on a downtrend BELOW the stock, because it cannot really break out. That's not a H&S, think about it. A breakdown of the neckline (which is supposed to be the entry) on a line that is already sloping down would require basically a huge fucking red candle based on some news or some shit.