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Nope. We're inbetween the anger and depression dip.

did you forget that we hit 5k in february

fuck off faggot we're in denial

Capitulation is beginning. People are exiting to fiat as they realize btc is going down in flames and dragging every alt with it.

You are indeed.

Between Complacency and denial. Anger is 2-3k.

its not, we're at anxiety

Are you all idiots? We are in thrill entering euphoria, just wait until we hit anxiety...

This, most of the biz wan't to think that it's almost over but it's not even close. Btc is still almost 8k and every shitcoin is overvalued as fuck.

sorry guys, 5.9k was the bottom. 2017 was just the beginning. All 6k sellers will commit suicide in 2019

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I used to be upset that I got a bit faked out by the August dip (i bought at $230). But it prepared me for this one, so it's gonna be worth it in the end.

Lol, you stupid niggers. We are JUST now starting to into the anxiety phase. You see how anxiety phase corresponds with a rebunding dip off to it's left? Yeah, that was the 6k bounce.

The bull trap up from 6k led us into complacency. Now we're coming down from complacency, and once we're down around 6k again, then the anxiety starts.

You fucking retards haven't even seen the depths of the panic phase that's coming down the line. This POS is going sub $1k, fucking screencap this you hopeless losers.

This. People are too locked in to staring at the prices that they don't even realize everything is fucking speculative. Can anyone actually say what changed in the projects? Nothing. I've got a bit more fiat that I can afford to pump into crypto and I'm fucking elated at being able to potentially grab things at rock bottom when everyone has given up like a retard, mistaking speculative value for actual value.

Doesn't this mean there will be another bullrun in 2-3 years or so?

We are unironically in Complacency. Because everyone is still expecting a new bull run.

>Because everyone is still expecting a new bull run.

very few people here seem to be saying this and clearly nobody else outside of here thinks this besides maybe a couple reddit fags

Exactly. See: Have you not been paying attention to the media? They're still attempting to hype this garbage.

We are there, but I think we are yet to see when the real panic starts.

Look at the chart compared to how quickly it forms for crypto. More like a few months.

>You are here

Bitcoins worth $7900 each and at the bottom? Um, no. No no no.

Bitcoin was worth $1200 a year ago today. When it gets there, then we may be at a temporary bottom.

Bitcoin was at $20,000 in December. It is now $7900. It is ultimately a worthless thing, but what prevents it from going back to where it was 365 days ago, especially since it is getting banned from Google etc.? Nothing.

What media? Last I heard about it that british guy on HBO was telling everybody it was a scam and the guy in the Senate was saying the whole thing was terrorism

Yeah bitcoin can die, but the thing preventing some alts from going to 0 are the actual companies interested in using them? Are you so retarded that you actually think all of crypto at this point is still just basement neets?

>ignores literally everyone else that ignored him and tried talking to him like a child throwing a tantrum

You're falling into an emotional state of thinking where it's all doom and gloom user, try and get some perspective.

You’re looking at alts then. BTC’s chart is around Panic. Wouldn’t be surprised if BTC tanked to 3k

no way man, it starts this year. we haven't gone parabolic yet. 2017 looked crazy, but 20x is just getting started. 1k in 2017 was severely undervalued from the huge bear market caused by mt. gox. 8-12k is approximately the y=x part of a parabolic graph, the first 10x was just the runup. 100k guaranteed in 2019, 1 mil is possible (but very much not sustainable)

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And since alts are of course tied to BTC’s price action, it will in effect plummet the prices of alts. I’m -89.6% from my ATH, I expect to see -95% or -99% soon

This is the voice of pure raw emotion based on absolutely nothing.

Actually we’re in euphoria already, ATH everyone’s getting rich!

Can’t wait to see this screenshot of mine in a year

all the peaks from 2012-2013 consisted of everyone expecting it to dip back to the previous ATH (or lower), and it didn't fucking happen. These next few peaks will be the same way. there is 0% chance of it dipping below 2.5k, and a very low chance of it dipping to 5k even.

This is most like the 2012 dip. next one could be like 2013 (if btc-segwit stays strong) or like 2014 (if bch flips before 2020).

I'm predicting shallow dips until 2020, then tulip trust dump is going to be the new mt gox that gives us a 3-5 year bear market and finally purges all these fake coins.

actually I'm an engineer drawing from previous experience modelling damped periodic functions.

if you can't visualize 3rd and 4th derivatives you'll never be able to keep up.

You're fucking stupid and all your shit is retarded. You have no idea what you're talking about but like to believe you know something. You don't. You haven't predicted shit and you don't understand the irrationality and superficiality of this market. Everything you believe about the price is emotional appeals and wishful thinking.

Same goes for you. Thinking this market follows anything resembling an efficient system is a testament to how fucking idiotic you are.

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This is going to be the best-documented bubble in history.

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And unlike other bubbles this one will never recover and will end up more like the biggest penny stock bubble ever because they never recover either. Bitcoin is a worthless project that serves no other purpose besides speculation for suckers, and the public already got suckered.

Now all that's left are whales and retards.

You sound more emotional than any of those guys you know. What makes you an expert compared to them?

3rd and 4th derivatives of what exactly?

Can you actually explain using a modicum of intelligence on why you see absolutely no worth in any aspect of blockchain, or can you do nothing but spout boomer lines like a parrot?

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Shhhhh let him fud. I need this to go lower.

speculative market psychology/behavior. people trying to sell something for more than they paid for it and people trying to buy something for less than they paid for it.

both of those posts are mine. You're lucky i'm bothering to share this. pearls before swine, however. Everything is made of nested interference patterns. Everything. I can see your level from here. Think what you like :)

I would also like to point out how appropriate you paraphrasing Idiocracy is. I'm honored to know that I talk like a fag.

>Please stop him. That user can influence the entire market. I'm accumulating

Bitcoin never went below 6.5k this year you absolute subhuman brainlet


lmfao ok, you have absolutely no clue what a derivative is.

Yep this. People are still semi-delusional, thinking it's all over kek

I am fully erect. I hope this happens. Can you talk about LINK like this for me?

Blockchain is here to stay imo, but btc will be more like a relic you can buy for like 5 bucks at a history museum, its going to be in a fake gold coin with a B on it and it actually is a working hardware wallet holding one btc you can get for your retarded kid.

if the thing keeps running why would it stay at $5? people will still use it to speculate and gamble. Like from $5 to $100, down to $30, moon to $800, back to $100, etc. Why would it stop?

nevermind. Miners. Reward halves every 4 years, price needs to be over a certain threshold or everyone stops mining

sure dude, 4 years of calculus and I don't know what a derivative is. or maybe I'm comfortable enough with the concept to apply it abstractly in ways you can't comprehend.

Oh no, this is the internet, I must be an idiot and you are always right.

yeah, no. sorry. not saying you won't make any money, but i'm not touching that with a 10' pole.

I asked:
>3rd and 4th derivatives of what exactly?
You answer:
>speculative market psychology/behavior. people trying to sell something for more than they paid for it and people trying to buy something for less than they paid for it.

And that's it. I'm not wasting my time with someone who can't answer a simple question, and that's why I'm pretty sure you don't know what derivatives are or what they do.

dPrice/dt you imbecile, I figured that much was fucking obvious so i was describing the fundamental concept described by the derivatives.

dx/dt is velocity
d^2x/dt^2 is acceleration
d^3x/dt^3 is jerk
d^4x/dt^4 is jounce

but they are all derivatives of 1 dimensional position.

A little higher. Somewhere around Anxiety. People haven't actually begun to panic sell yet.

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more importantly, i was referring to the basic ability of visualizing high order derivatives of ANYTHING, which is why I didn't specify a function. And that's just one piece, you also need to understand harmonic functions, superposition and interference patterns, etc

No, we're in the ANGER dip.

mining is designed to always be just profitable on average over the long term. if price collapses, miners stop mining, difficulty drops, it becomes profitable again, miners start mining etc.

oh im sorry are we trading on wall st?


then take your memesheet elsewhere p

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And you claim you can visualize d^4P/dt^4 without help or any filters? Like really? ??

GTFO idiot that's pure noise, and unless you are using a really good filter you won't be able to see shit. I don't know who are you trying to impress tho, btc is still crashing & burning harder than ever, and your 'predictions' are still absolute poop because you havent predicted anything. BTW, if you want to impress someone you should have come up with some state of the art shit, like a really sophisticated ANN, because those things can in fact help predicting short term price behavior.

You and your hidden cycles, fake visual 4th order derivatives and long term predictions are pure schizophrenia, nothing else, fag.

Can you two please take your homoerotic quarrel back to Facebook please and stop sending this thread back to the top of the catalog? Nobody gives a shit.

depends what exchange brainlet

Regular pink Wojaks are only for when the price went down 1k or so, angry pink Wojaks are when people are panic selling. We haven't really gotten to panic yet.

>I can't do it so no one can
Stay mad, retard. I've got no need to prove anything to you. Don't care about impressing anyone and LMAO if you think I would share models and concrete predictions on 4 fucking chan (or anywhere). Sorry for triggering your low self-esteem.

saged for you :)

>muh blockchain
The world has been crying out for a massively power-hungry public ledger upon which neckbeards can safely store their cryptopussies. Thank Christ we live in the future and such technology is, finafuckingly, available.

I am here

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perfect match to btc one day chart on beyonce

Actually, we're still in the middle of complacency, people still expect another bull run. I expect an extension of the bull trap that will go to 15k before we crash down to 3k. The 200 week EMA happens to be at 3k, so a bottom there would literally be returning to the mean of the entire bull run.

K. I'm pretty sure you have nothing to share anyways because all your models fail, that's a fact. One thing I know for sure about your lame models: your winning rate in a bear market rate is exactly between 50% and 55%.

That's how much you suck and you know it.

i think depression because it lasts so long