Who here /total idiot/?

Who here /total idiot/?

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a 60% is bad but not that bad.
You "only" need a 150% profit to go back there.

There are people with 80-85% losses, they will never see their money back.

Kill me

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jesus christ what happened


a steady decline

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So you are the ones who made oldfags rich

We’ll know to sell the next bubble

That look like an autistic TRON/VERGE/RIPPLE pump, if you made money out of one of those you deserve to lose them and even more.

Im down 90% since i started in january. Impretty retarded

oh my fucking god dude...

COSS, not even once.
I've had enough, I can't stand this shit. I have bills to pay. I could have bought a house.
I don't even care what the fuck they are working on, I've started selling. I'll wash my hands of this shitcoin before the week ends.



Here is an interesting Chinese idiom that deals with rabbits, 守株待兔 Shǒu zhū dài tù.

This idiom literally means “Watching a tree stump, waiting for rabbits.” It refers to a story about a peasant who happened to see a rabbit run head-first into a tree stump and die. From then on, the peasant expected to find other rabbits making the same deadly mistake, and so he continued to wait idly by the tree stump instead of going out and hunting, or making other efforts to feed himself.

The idiom is used to describe someone who waits in vain for luck or opportunity to befall him or her, rather than striving to make an effort or take the initiative.

>under a trillion dollars is a bubble

Bbought the ddip

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>cash out at the peak
>buy the ICX dip all the way down

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he would be down much more if he was in bitconnect lul

I am in the same boat.

$150,000 at peak, currently have about $5000 in blockfolio and another $10,000 in assorted ICO's.



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I had a 300k peak thanks to XBY reaching 87 cents.

Now I'm down to about 55k portfolio.

I wonder how low the whole market can go. I'm already lower than my initial investment, but what the hell, at this point I'm holding. At this time last year, the total market cap was 1/10 of what it is now. If we get back to this level, I'd be bummed out but that's about as far as I could take it, I hope we don't go below that.

Can you be anymore ambiguous?

I peaked at 5k and im currently at 2kish

its bad but considering i started with 500$ only i still feel like a fucking pimp lol

I lost 95%!!!!!! NINETYFIVE

200K -> 5K. ...

Literally how is this possible. I don't think I could do it even if I tried besides buying Bitconnect or ZCL tops.

Yes good sell you weakhanded fuckstick


Price depreciated to 2k sats and then it was flash dumped to 1380 sats which is where I lost half of what I had left and then they locked the BTS wallet so nobody can arbitrage and the price is pushed way lower than other exchanges like binance, 1500 polo vs 1800 binance. Just keep liquidating on so low prices that are not real price but manipulated price..

Will i ever see my money back?

142k ath

I started with 10k and cashed out my initian investment so i guess its not that bad but still...

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was at 165k...probably at like 40k right now. Doesn't even feel like anything desu.

on the one hand, I hardly got any december gains, on the other hand, i've been pretty much flat since then.

me. I'm afraid of looking at my blockfolio though, so no screenshot

My portfolio looks the exact same OP, same amounts and everything.


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