Tfw i realize writing is hard work and talent is pretty much a non factor

>tfw i realize writing is hard work and talent is pretty much a non factor

>writing is hard work and talent is pretty much a non factor

You have that backwards

If you love what you do then it doesn't have to be work

prove it.

This should be good news.

>hard work is a talent

oh, you dun goofed

nice reading comprehension

If hard work wasn't a talent then everyone would do it, since it always leads to success in the end.

This argument could be made about basically anything, but some people are better than others at certain things. If you think you're a good writer, keep at it.

Just pretend you're a writer and that one day you'll get to it.

>tfw I'll never have the courage to quit my job and risk failing at writing full time

How do cunts even do it???

>tfw I realize you're probably a talentless hack trying to comfort himself

>work really, really hard to become the best dirt eater in the world and good things will come

usually wait til their parents are dead so they can't be judged

>tfw this is my secret feel

>tfw no reaction picture to convey my confused emotions about this

Wow never even knew I had this feel. About my gf too.

At least you tried.

Maybe work harder next time?

Brandon Sanderson works very hard on his books

Veeky Forums is a good example of why you're wrong: plenty of people here work hard, and are still unable to write anything beyond the level of insufferable garbage. I would never publish anyone on this board, that i've seen so far, no matter how much effort they put in.

Writing is very much a natural talent. The sooner you guys stop deluding yourselves with the belief that you'll be able to write something of merit after years and years of "hard work," the better; because, if that's what you're doing, then you're nowhere near grasping what it takes to be able to actually write.

Why is writing hard? Just put one sentence after another.

Talent is over rated. I've seen dozens of "talented" people get 1 or 2 screenplays and drop off the face of the earth. Hard work trumps talent every time.

Shitheads ITT are arguing about whether hard work or raw talent make a decent writer when the reality is you need both.

Yep. You have to do the hard work but it might turn out it was useless.

I bet you though that was a funny line to write.


define "talent"

I enjoy writing but I can't focus on anything for more than 10-30 minutes so actually fleshing out full ideas is laborious, and depression makes me think, "what's the point?".

>can't focus on anything for more than 10-30 minutes

Then don't. Take a break, come back to it. Find what works for you. If it's an idea you really love then follow through, even if the thoughts are constipated stacattos bouncing off the toilet rim of your word processor.

Fucking underrated.

Bullshit. You can't put in 10 hours and expect that you'll come out with a beautiful metaphor, it just comes at you.

>You can't put in 10 hours and expect that you'll come out with a beautiful metaphor, it just comes at you

Eh, you gotta work those hours in order for you to have those inspirations. It's all about getting "in the zone", harmonizing yourself, and that does take work most of the time.

Gotta catch em metaphors

writing fiction as a profession is essentially a non-starter. You have about the same odds as becoming a famous musician. The internet killed the novelist. Either you get extremely famous or you amount to nothing and can't pay your bills and have to get another job and have writing as a hobby. There are so many good and skilled writers that the few who get to become famous are decided by connections and networking in the business. Sorry user.

And what do you think one is supposed to do to get "in the zone"? If by work you understand going on walks, talking to people and reading other books, then we should be having a lot more great writers.
You can try staying for 10 hours in front of a document and trying to come up with something nice in a sort of mechanical way. It will fry your brain and the next morning you'll think it's shit.

Talent makes it far, far easier. Hard work is what it is at its core, but having talent means that you wont end up writing and re-writing the same part 500000times to make it "decent".

oh boy

Hoh, boy.

>Talent makes it far, far easier.
This is writing, not visual art. Talent doesn't really matter, only work ethic and persistence. Somebody who can produce dozens of pages of writing per day and can send manuscripts to hundreds of agents and publishers every year has a much, much higher chance of being published than somebody with amazing writing talent whose masterpiece is 10 years in the making and he only submitted it 3 times in his entire life.

In the end how good you are doesn't really factor into it.

This sort of, my parents know I want to be a writer and they encourage it, but they'd be disappointed in me if they knew I quit even a part-time job to start writing.

>hard work meme
As long as it helps you to sleep at night, senpai


Hard work and practice and persistence are very, very important for becoming a good writer--more than most people realize. Life experience is also really important.

To say talent is a non-factor is pretty false though. Like anything, some people got it, and some people don't.

The people who got it and also work really hard have the best chance to make it.

That sort of natural something that makes you better than others without really trying.

I have a lot of natural talent for drawing. Most people can't draw for shit-all, I can draw decent sketches/cartoons and I can draw a perfect Pikachu or Bugs Bunny for example, if I have a picture to look at. But I still suck at drawing--like anatomy, etc. because I don't particularly love drawing and I *don't practice*. If I practiced drawing regularly I would be quite good at it.

I have natural talent for drawing. Some people have more natural talent for writing than others.

>tfw you realize later that all content providers realize this, and that they within their own circles are separated by talent.

It's the first step towards escaping the wagecuck/NEET dichotomy; but there's still a mountain to climb in making something good.

This is pretty cool desu

You know its fake right?

Writing isn't like singing. Some people can naturally sing well, but nobody is going to write a good book without having read and written a lot throughout their life.

No, it takes hard work, but having talent makes it take less work to achieve a certain result. Hard work is required, but once hard work is assumed talent becomes the main factor.

Why must everything be false?


work is necessary, talent is a pre-requisite

judging from the "rate my writing" threads, you're all utter garbage who will never be good no matter how hard you try