There are ppl who look for patterns in graphs and think they can predict how the price will develop

>there are ppl who look for patterns in graphs and think they can predict how the price will develop

am I the only one that realizes how retarded this is?

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Bitcoin is going to be 12k in June, dip down to around 9k, then rise to 18k by the end of the year.

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Try to predict what the idiots are trying to predict about the graphs and you will make good profits.

The idea is that all news and market sentiment should be reflected in the price, that whatever the current price is is a perfect indicator for what the market has decided an asset is worth, at all times. Thus all judgment about the value of an asset shouldn't need more than an asset's history. That's the theory anyway. Reality is keeping up to date with sudden news and insider trading makes a big difference.

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It’s a self fullfilling prophecy, since everyone is looking for the same patterns

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>there are people who can determine relationships between variables

> And continually get any prediction that requires any degree of accuracy is always wrong


Works for me

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20x'd your portfolio since december loool sure

Lol yourself cuz I did. Though in the interest of the thread, it wasn't with meme lines. At least not rsi, macd, bollinger bands and all that shit. Of course I did look at charts paying close attention to price action and volume. To certain fundamentalists that's "TA". Maybe, but not as you know it. 1 million in 365 days or bust.

Name some of the trades

its the equivalent of rolling a tire from a hill and trying to tell where its gonna go just from looking at where its been.
except you have never seen the hill and have no idea what it looks like.
other words - its trajerctory is determined by what lies ahead and not the path it took so far..
other words - if you dont know what lies ahead, you cant tell where it will go

You're probably too stupid to underestand the following two concepts:

1) People behave in a predictable manner that is reflectd in patterns in the charts

2) Bots have been programmed to use TA, and bots move the market.

If you ignore those two facts and don't use TA at all, it is you who is retarded.

You acknowledging that people do something predictable and not monetizing on it makes you the retard.

yes. I too am interested in your trading style

youre probably too stupid to understand that those are BY FAR not the only things influencing the price.

That's pretty much sums it up. TA cultists btfo

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Notice that lasts pop around the 27th? That was ZCL. Bought the first drop at 30, sold at 50. Got the second one at 9, sold at 13. See the drop on January 26th? That was RKC. It dropped to 1000, I picked it up at 1500 and sold it at 6000 about 30 minutes later. Buy the dip. Simple as that. The trick is reading the support volume in the fog of war and knowing exactly where to catch that falling knife and when to let it go. I'm good at that. Most people aren't.

is that the cardano dev?

I agree to some extent that TA is bullshit when you're charting hours/days/weeks ahead. But what about smaller timeframes - like, sub-15 minutes? Price action, order flow, trend detection seem to predict where price will go with a sufficiently high enough probability for scalping.

TA exists to scam people. People who are dumb will believe in TA, so the priests of TA can beguile and manipulate those sheeple by claiming mystical knowledge of the future because magic lines are speaking to them. It's the same as any religion, aka fraud to get money by deception, from time immemorial. Don't be a sheep.


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This is what a TA looks like.

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so all you anti-TA fags are investing based on fundamentals?

Isn't it funny how in pictures like this, the person expressing the /pol/ sentiment is always a minority

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Here's an analogy so you can understand.

The market is like a battlefield. The battlefield is riddled with mines, bunker encampments, craters created by artillery, barbed wires and trenches. As a commander, you can deduce that going through those areas where the shells have landed and where trenches and mines abound will mean certain death and defeat to you and your troops. Your best bet of action then is to stay away from those areas and flank the enemy. Enter in an area where it is less likely to be entrenched and guarded and you enter an area conducive for you to combat. Of course, the enemy could have relocated, of course the enemy could have decided to outmaneuver you and entrenched somewhere else where you are most likely to flank, cannons and tanks won't fire in the same spot obviously but you know the chances of not going into a death trap will give you a 90% chance to survive so the logical thing to do would be to avoid the area and flank instead. In the case that you are indeed wrong, then you adjust accordingly and prepare.

Same thing with TA OP. Past price action won't totally reflect future ones but you will know for certain that the probability of it going up or down given the trends is high. If your "prediction" fails and price doesn't go according to the information given then you prepare for that as well and adjust accordingly and enter at a price and time that is conducive for you to profit.

I hope this analogy will have served and helped even the smallets of brainlets understand what TA is all about. It's not a crystal ball, it's a series of informed calculations given a set of data to make decisions better.

I've looked at the charts, and none of those numbers make ANY sense for either USD or Satoshi's.
Unless you can provide screenshots of confirmed trades, you're a huge roleplayer.

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For Example, on the 28th of February, your "last pop around the 27th", ZCL price maxed out at $122 USD and 1.2M sats. Where the fuck have you gotten "sold at 50" from. Can't be $50, can't be 50k sats. Almost certain you are a huge fucking troll.

Pic related

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Here's ZCL for February 28th. For some reasons all my buy and sell arrows aren't popping up but I helpfully annotated it. The first buy was on that initial hard drop then I sold where those red arrows are on the bounce. The second buy was that group of green arrows on the second hard drop and the sell was the red arrows just above. The second delta doesn't look like much but it's about a 50% difference. Make sense now? All my charts look something like that. Again, I can pull it off. Most can't.

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Here's a closeup right against the scale so you can see where I'm getting my numbers from. When I name a price, I'm usually referring to the first significant digit. So if I say 50, that means it's the price in sats that makes the most sense in context. Here, that would be 500,000. I don't think in dollars when I do this, only sats.

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your analogy is an example of complex analysis which in crypto world would mean taking into account all kinds of factors such as governments, regulations, technological advances, frauds etc..
other words - its far from just drawing magical lines in graphs.
which is what many people here actually believe can tell them where the price will go..

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>there are ppl who look for patterns in graphs and think they can predict how the price will develop
That is all it is. It's a series of if-than statements you create to gain a statistical edge. When you develop a fucking trading system based on technical analyses/patterns you test your system and look for a probability >50%. Because what happens when you win at least 51% of your trades? YOU MAKE MONEY YOU DUMB FUCKING IDIOTS. Would you bet on a coinflip when you know it lands 60% on your side? Of course you would, you would take the fucking bet every fucking time. Sadly you fucking crypto-retards are too fucking retarded to know how this shit actually works because you only trade with HOPE and EMOTIONS. Real traders don't give a fuck what happens, they just trade their system or just put on their program and run it.
But you would never do that because it would actually take time to learn and develop and you need like at least 50k to start (risk management, you don't bet more than 1% of your account normally). Other than the insane bull-run last year and some got lucky you will need to learn some stuff to trade.

That's retarded, but a bot that read news site and buy/sell depends on if the news positive or negative will do great.

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How do you trade based off of price action? I am trading futures right now and have been trying to figure it out based on price action... Any quick pointers? Thanks

It's thanks to you that I make money, keep at it.
Bought the absolute shitcoin deeponion is at 21k sats because of that and looks like my prediction was right, I'm getting out at 32k.

Started on 26 of Dec with 700$. I reinstalled Blockfolio when it was laggin af.
Is there any option to recover it by manually adding tracked trades?

Also I am a amateur who doesnt even draw memelines but I'm still doing quite good.

You have to be a total brainlet to lose in crypto.
Actually all you need to do now is tether up and increase your stack with every single dip

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Question for day traders: what is the max amount you can put into a trade without fluctuating the price much, say in bitcoin/tether which has lots of volume. 10k? Because the compounding interest of reinvesting say 1.5% gains a day would add up fast.

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noticed a pattern between DGD and BTC emerging,

saw a very weird spike in DGD, because I saw a pattern I knew BTC was about to crash. Went all into DGD, DGD went up 50% over the next few days, doubled my whole stack.

the DGD x BTC pattern is over now though

It's retarded but functional. Remember that market analysis did not develop out of acetic intelligence. That type of intelligence lands in god-tier STEM fields. Market analytics came from the types that the former think need fidget spinners. They did some fine work at least explaining the chaos of it, but a degree of separation from that, you get throngs of people who are barely smart enough to tie a tie saying "muh charts". Enough of those people are just smart enough to tow the line, read it without understanding the fundamentals under it, and follow it to make the market what it is.

Charts are mass hysteria. They are retarded because they give cohesion to a bunch of dumb fucks who can't be fucked with fundamentals or narratives that should make or break good investments or doing research. Best, they can be taught to bots, which shows you how truly fucking retarded and perverse they are.

Anyway. Fuck charts. But you should use them because everyone else does and they make the market what it is.

>T.A doesn't wurk.

Keep buying at overbought levels then.

>doesn't realise whales trade using bots which use algorithms that can be traced via fib
Which gives you indication. For example
BTC will pump to 8.5
Then dump to 7.3

No, I invest in a broad, low-fee index fund.

1. Learn TA
2. Open long or short position, based on what you think will happen
3. Set stop loss
4. Take profits or open new position when plan A fails and to hedge your capital and make money
5. Take profit
6. Repeat

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oh user, if only there was a way to create profitable strategies without relying on memes like TA and machine learning... If only there was some kind of framework that is smooth, robust and timely. If only there was something to remove all that noise user...

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