Is it safe to recover my nano s on any computer, please help?

Is it safe to recover my nano s on any computer, please help?

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no didnt u hear about the nano factory attack

OP fuck no, use only your own comp

you can only unlock the price on the same computer you locked

I used my computer but what If it had a virus or something I didn't know?

Please seriously is my nano safe, the recovery phase can't be seen when recovering, anyone please help?


Please don't make me make a reddit account! Can can a user please clear this up?

For real you can't get any help around here or advice, what the fuck?

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It's fine just use it, ledger is very secure, even if they have the seed you need the device because it is insnae cryptography they use

what price did you lock your coins at OP

But their is no way to get my 24 word phase when I put it into the new ledger to recover my wallet?

Just fuck off for serious, just want some fucking advice, fuck this board, I'm over it

>asks for help
>gets help
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Told the idiot meme fags to fuck off, if you see I replied to the anons who gave me advice

you dont need a computer to set up or recover it, just power

Two anons gave advice and I replied with a bit more questions just to be sure, the other post are just fucking cancer

they're all salty because they're late adopters who are currently losing their mind along with all of their money.

Did think of this, you are right, what if you did it on the computer, is it safe?

I'm guessing pretty high

as far as anyone knows it is. at worst youre leaking public information like public keys or addresses if you install their software on random machines and connect to it.

Also meant didn't think of just plugging it into power supply, but thanks for clearly this up, was worried when I recovered my nano s and realised I could have a virus on the computer

This place is just out of hand, yeah we memed and talked shit but there use to be helpful anons and actually have decent arguments about shitcoins. Guessing most of the old fags are gone
Yeah a bit dude

That's very dangerous!!! Please make sure to ask the devs on their reddit honey xoxo

Why would you want to unlock the price in THIS market OP?

What is dangerous, putting the 24 word recovery onto my nano s when I plugged into the computer or just plugging it into a power supply?

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OP you are fine, calm the fuck down. Even if you plug your ledger in a compromised computer you are fine, the private key NEVER leaves the device.

Chill brah

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Thanks user, I worry too much. So I am 100% safe that my 24 word recovery can't be compromised when putting it into the nano s to recovery my seeds?
You are a monkey for sure, also you think I haven't fucking google the fuck out of this and read over the ledger site over and over, I know alot of anons are unbelievably tech savy, so I thought I would come to my favourite board and ask, so fuck you aye
Thanks user, it's just getting beyond a joke now aye, starting to hate this board, no other board here has ever made me want to go to reddit and ask those gay cunts, how bad is that

The Nano S is safe even if you plug it into an infected computer, don't worry. Did you even bother reading about it before buying?


Read everything, and yes read no malware can infect the device and obtain the key as the key never leaves the device, but I couldn't find anything about the 24 word recovery so I got worried that's all, I over think shit user and I over worry about it, only got a new nano s as I realised I never tested my 24 word recovery and also was worried about updating the device so I got another one to make sure I couldn't fuck anything up