What healing anime is Veeky Forums watching while everything crashes and burns?

what healing anime is Veeky Forums watching while everything crashes and burns?

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Actually so good

Arslan Senki

Watched Dragon Ball Super..it sucks

started watching it yesterday, looking good so far. 380p from CR annoys me tho.

I'm watching Initial D

I used to watch healing anime, but then i realized ill never have whats in the anime and would get depressed, so i stopped watching anime altogether.

Miss Kobayashi, Hidimari Sketch, Girl's Last Tour, Yuru Yuri and Azumanga Daioh desu desu desu.

The drugs also help.

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Darling in the Franxx and Overlord II

Ryuou no shigoto, Kobayashi Dragon maid and rewatching Death Note when I want a change of pace. Also playing Kingdom Come and making cute girls with the koikatsu maker for additional escapism. Basically I’m avoiding looking at charts as much as I can until march 2019.

Non non biyori

Aria is healing kino.

If you like Kaiji you should read the manga Strongest Man Kurosawa from the same author. Shit had me in tears because how close it hit home. Can probably finish it in a couple of hours since it's not that long.

berserk or claymore


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i replied to a k-on macroed op a few days back mentioning that i've watched them (season 1, 2 and the movie) almost 10 times this year, almost done with my 9th re-watch of season 2 this year
yuru camp is also good for the soul
toradora i only watch with /a/ during the annual christmas stream, and around that time i also watch oreimo, which also gives a warm feeling in the heart
yuru yuri is also comfy, but i'd say that non non biyori is better to watch if you're feeling a bit down with the market
candy boy is one of the best animes and mangas i've watched and read, would recommend to brighten your mood
emiya-san chi no kyou no gohan is also pretty neat
maria-sama ga miteru, kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon, yuyushiki, yama no susume, konosuba, and kodomo no jikan are also something i would recommend
gochiusa is also really nice and will leave you satisfied

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Slow start is good.

if only it was gayer

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None, because i'm not a degenerate weeb.

i love anime but maybe get a gym membership and actually feel better about yourself instead of suppressing your emotions by watching anime to distract yourself

This x1000, But Weebs are better than NEETs, if your a "Neet Weeb", kys

aria is a good one

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Its pretty gay.

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it is, but i wish there would be more subtext or even full on hand holding/hugging

My man, love overlord