Time for ICX to pump

Time for ICX to pump

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Lol. I might actually buy some after I know he's out

>we are heading to a new galaxy
fucking idiot

Wait. That dumb nignog has been holding it all the way down? He lost over a million.

Crypto is 90% luck and 10% skill. This guy will be poor in no time

this fucking nigger screwed his followers twice on ICX I feel bad for them

Oh shit it’s real. He pumped up summit and didn’t sell his bags then, but selling them fucking now? Wow he’s actually a dumbass. Well if his followers do too, then brace yourselves for incoming dump

they'll obviously do people following this crypto nigger are even dumber than he is. they buy whatever he tells them to buy and sell whatever he sells

Remember that world-changing announcement from the conference? Me neither.

He's selling everything during this bear market!
He dumped TEL and Raiden aswel

how much did it impact the price?

SELLING AFTER IT DROPPED from over 10$ to 2$.

This guy is literally a genius. I'll buy the dump.

Idk, didn't check but I guess normies will dump because of him

$2,23 USD (-15,51%)

Glad i pulled out at 8 dollar. And people fucking laughed at me.

>falling for shopped fake pics and being to lazy to check this niggers fucking twitter
kys you subhuman brainlet

100% reason to get justed again

You literal retard he actually did tweet this to a follower if you check his replies

>not knowing how twitter replies work

Here's his address




oh shit so he did send it to binance

If you follow this gorilla's advice you deserve to lose all your money... This is the signal I needed to start rebuying ICX

Everyone knew the coin is a kill the moment the first of the dapp pajeets came on stage during the conference.

>More cheap ICX

Yes, please dump crypto nigger, I was waiting to buy in, hope this shit drops even lower.