What made you go into your first existential crisis? What got you out? What makes life worth living?

What made you go into your first existential crisis? What got you out? What makes life worth living?

falling in love

still in there

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>What made you go into your first existential crisis?
Realizing I hated my major, the people I took classes with, and the path I was on when I was a junior.

>What got you out?
My brother died which forced me to confront certain philosophical questions I was too much of a coward to earlier.

>What makes life worth living?
Aesthetics, friendship, love

"Her." Infatuation phase, insecurity phase, emotional reliance, and all that of a generic rollercoaster eventually threw me into a place where I started wondering what really made me happy and what was happy and human behavior and my behavior and my insignificance and her insignificance and a load of other shit that we all wonder. After a while the thoughts got worse and more frequent, began to reflect in my daily life and what not. I try not to talk about it irl because who wants to hear about my boring troublings.

I wouldn't say I'm out of it yet, but what makes life worth living for me is becoming progressively more self aware by the day and reading. Mostly reading. Once I read all the books I'd like then I'll probably off myself in peace.

I started having existential crisis's after my depression worsened when I began university at 17. I was bordering on bipolar those days. Insomnia and paranoia were strange bedfellows.

I gradually changed my perspective on life through understanding buddhism and daoism, coupled with a better grounding in physics. This made me come to an understanding of myself that allowed me to be at peace with the absurdity of my life. Didn't happen overnight, took about 2-4 years to really get my life together and I still have moments here and there. However, I am adept at handling existentialism now, and find meaning in my life through cultivating appreciation of the abject comfort I live in as a white male in the first world. Thank "YHWH" for that.

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>What made you go into your first existential crisis?
I dont remember, it seems like i've been always been on crisis now, I dont know how not-doubting everything about my life and myself and where im going and my family and bla bla bla feels like.
>What got you out?
LSD made me feel like i had gone out of it for some weeks but then it started again.
>What makes life worth living
I dont know what makes life worth living; I wake up everyday thinking about suicide. I just know that I enjoy reading and listening/playing music, a lot.
spot on
Used to work for me, now just gives me anxiety and mild paranoia.

mine is still going
desert, the wheel spins and yet it is broken, they extend this so there story never ends so they escape judgement, the wheel spins and yet nothing new is under the sun. 1/2. around me in every thing it is molecule self consuming addicting painful always moving, waking or dreaming I vaguely remember something for me is out there, but I continue, until, the wheel or molecule

in my life I was abused gasslighted and I all ways bit my toung I'm weaker than most religion still haunts me I'm in mental anguish.

A car crash at nine years old that killed my mom and broke my spine. The pain, physical and emotional, was excruciating. Getting out of the hospital, going through physical therapy, crying myself to sleep every day. I became bitter whenever I saw someone my age complain about anything in their life.

Reading got me out, and just being more emphatic towards people. Everyone has a depth of suffering within them, it just takes different forms.

I'm not out yet and I am 25.

Rock climbing sorted me out.

A lack of dopamine and serotonin.

Out of highschool I hit that phase started reading lots of shit like Camus
Decided it's not worth living miserable so better to get out of that negative cycle
Got a job, workout and take classes at college... And still read. Reading Ayn rand motivated me
You gotta make the most of your life and be productive.

Lsd helped me quit smoking weed, all I do is drink occasionally life is so much better

The fact that I'm too ugly.

a long bout of sobriety.

the holy bible

Mine wasn't particularly romantic or intellectual. I thought I was going bald and really couldn't handle contemplating my future as a bald man. I eventually got over it and realised I needed to have some self-respect. Fast-forward 10 years and I still have a full head of hair (32). I realised my cranium slants to the side and makes my hairline diagonal.

I can't remember how or when it started as it was many years ago. I didn't get out of it in the sense of giving some great meaning to my life and suddenly seeing the beauty in every moment. I got so used to it that I couldn't consider it a crisis any more. Life is a joke. I enjoy it and I'm a relatively productive person by normal standards, but it is a joke.

Started questioning my belief in god at 16, got really into stories of people who reported seeing an afterlife when they were medically dead. Eventually started to realise it was bullshit, then found sartre and a couple other existentialists.

I purchaed synthetic weed from a store and then packed a really thick hit and then another because I was at the end of my bag and wanted to maximize the last bit of it.

Then I hit this point where everything my mind did my body was like 2 seconds behind and I became acutely aware that I was just a brain in a jar and I had a full on panic attack and passed out and dreamt I was in a dark room and could never leave.

I woke up and was absolutely divorced from reality so I listened to Neil Young's Grandpa's Interview on repeat for the next like two weeks to calm me down and then it was just a process I'm fine now.

It's stupid and immature to waste your days moping and whining about how it doesn't alll matter, boohoo.

>babbies first philosophy

I read a lot of Aristotelian and Christian philosophy, and began to feel more and more that Church Christianity had the right idea and was rationally defensible. I kept trying to go back to my apathetic atheism, especially since being religious made me feel retarded and clashed with my homosexuality and leftist ideals.
Cue attending Mass, constant daily battles with belief and disbelief, lack of any stable sense of identity... Currently I'm just swimming around and haven't come to a firm conclusion about this stuff. If anything, I feel like I'm fooling myself by persisting in a materialistic ideology that I don't really believe, pretty much the opposite of what atheists claim about Christian apologists.

It sucks. I don't know what else could help me other than a extremely thorough refutation of Christian philosophy, and I didn't read anything like that.

Teenager wangst.

>What made you go into your first existential crisis?
Being insecure
>What got you out?
Challenging my superficial and unexamined platitudes
>What makes life worth living?

>What makes life worth living?
Knowing that my family can't afford to bury me.

>What made you go into your first existential crisis?
Smoking too much weed

>What got you out?
Not smoking weed.

>What makes life worth living?
Being able to feel.

Literally me f@m except that I got out of it when my mother suffered a stroke and the responsibility comes down to me to take care of her.

New Age Spirituality. Reason and skepticism. The process of growing, improving and thriving.

Depression and anhedonia following first break-up - started reading literature/philosophy more frequently to try and understand the way I was feeling, and before long I stopped being depressed about the break-up and started being depressed about life in general. Everything seemed pointless and irrational, and nothing I did would bring me the same sort of pleasure and satisfaction that I used to experience before being depressed. Not out of it yet, but I've found that it helps me a little bit to try and live in the moment, just doing what I feel like doing, and not thinking in-depth about anything. If it doesn't improve then I'll probably go back to using psychedelics, which I've avoided since becoming depressed in case they tipped me over the edge.

Coming to realize the implications of a certain solipsist notion I'd had since early high school. I realized, or justified, the idea that I could do whatever I want at this very moment and it would never matter because all our morals, laws, and sensations are just constructs or fleeting chemical sensations in the brain, and in a relatively short period of time I would cease to have any experiences and my memory would slowly fade from the corporeal world. Then I read Camus which definitely made me feel less alone. Now I'm just back at my normal mindset simply because it's just easier to maintain that way.

damn. my mom actually suffered a stroke too--it was that year after my brother died. At that point I was moved out living in a rat's nest of an apartment and still in a semi-fugue state from my bro's death... it was touch and go for a bit but she made it and my dad really stepped up so i didn't have to.

I was nine years old and given the puberty talk, and suddenly realised the horrors that lay before me as a human being.

Taking mushrooms as a 13 year old. But it wasn't really a crisis, so much as realizing the memery of it all; I was an atheist but the lack of meaning was really thrown in my face when I looked up and saw stars in the sky, looked down and saw grass on the ground, everything alive, but never before acknowledged.


My first real "crisis" was... hmm... moving away to China. Getting news my mom died. Coming home for her funeral and getting head from my best friend's girlfriend. Losing all my friends in that process and falling into a depression for about eight months. Marijuana didn't exactly get me out of it, probably made it worse. The real thing that got me out was meeting a girl I liked.

>be 13, suburban, white, vaguely religious family
>discover fedora-tier 'rationality' and atheism
>cruise thru school being insufferable shit until 18
>fall in love
>suddenly see true expanse of my future, rational certainty of death, hopelessness of the quest to eternally reify the flux
>crushed by nihilism, retreat to lazy scientism
>life is grey, death lurks right behind every being i perceive for 3 years
>girlfriend cheats on me. no pain, only sweet relief. become ecstatic nihilist. read nietzsche, read the greeks, read miller, get obsessed with base libidinal pleasures
>25 years old, get tired of base libidinal pleasures, sublimate energies into study of arcana and mysticism. spend time carving staffs instead of posting greentexts. wear brown linen robes that you sew by hand. walk for days in the woods.
>live in a barrel on the streets, masturbate in public, tell everyone that "im not homeless, im a fucking philosopher, ive chosen the good life"
>go to jail. get raped. get heroin addiction. get out of jail into halfway house. get 12 step program. get born again christian.
>god bless everyone who has taken the time to read my story

>realize years and years of schooling lay before me
>followed by several times as much work
>realize nothing happens when you die, and it would be objectively better, like taking off a band-aid

>What makes life worth living?
Nothing. I stopped thinking about it. I live a life of modest comfort now, which helps, but also . I'll think about all this once I pay off my debts.

>What made you go into your first existential crisis?
I've been a depressing fuck since I remember, but the death of my brother was emotionally devastating for me.
>What got you out?
I'm living on the depression, i can't picture myself having a happy life.
>What makes life worth living?
Memes, vapid media, love, aesthetics.

>What made you have your first existential crisis?
When I realised, say, about two or three years ago and in the span of a few months a lot of things that fucked up my way of thinking and my goals in life.
- That I'm just a consciousness formed from chemical reactions and my life could end very easily, and that my existence will end someday, perhaps from something absolutely stupid (like my childhood best friend who died two weeks ago in a car accident, her death was pointless and stupid).
- That despite the fact that we know so much, we have so much left to learn of what we can, and too much which we probably can't.
- Learning that nothing is forever, even the universe itself, made me think about my goals in life a lot. It changed me. I always wanted to be remembered like da Vinci and Michelangelo when I was younger because I thought that they would be always remembered for their skills and ingenuity. But now I just kind of want to create something that makes me happy, and that when I die, people will look at the stuff I left behind and it will make them happy too, even for a little while.
- I also thought about how despite the fact that I have areas of skill and talent that can reach far above average in some areas, I'm still a piece of shit and my failures and shortcomings far outweigh any positive skills.
>What got you out?
I'm not really out of it to be perfectly honest. I'm getting better, and hoping that more social stuff from university will help. Another thing was that I didn't use any religious thought to support me so I just thought "better get on with the things you want to do in life 'cause you only got one shot at it and it could end at any time". Anxiety, depression, and OCD really take it out of you sometimes, even when you want to be reasonable.
>What makes life worth living?
Those calm moments when you feel like you have nothing to fear and just loosen up and can just sit there, smile, and enjoy and accept existence for what it is.

>What made you go into your first existential crisis?
The cosmic panic was lingering for years and finally caught up with me
>What got you out?
Becoming an alcoholic
>What makes life worth living?
Drinking, and finding the rare spark of pleasure in a good book or film

'Getting out' is just denial that will come back to bite you in the ass.

The trick is to accept the void and make your home in it.

After that it's just a question of cultivating a lifestyle that suits you.

I prefer going full slacker and taking it easy as much as possible, but that's not for everyone.

Oh interesting it's one of those threads again where a bunch of fags write out long thought-out posts about themselves and nobody reads them

Realising that nothing in my life was challenging me and that I was okay with that
Gradually making my life more difficult
The moments in my life where I have a problem to play around with that is actually hard for me

My father was diagnosed with a terminal disease and I have to help to take care of him. My brother is in prison for dealing heroine and being a drug addict. My mother is an overweight alcoholic.

So, in 5-10 years I will very likely have nobody above a friend who cares about me in my life. All my extended family lives in other states and we were never very close; I have no girlfriend and don't plan to get one.

What got me out is basically escapism in studying mathematics/science and reading fantasy literature. whenever I'm in the real world I'm mostly daydreaming; I just treat it like another story or game desu. End result: doing exceptional in school and at work

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