There is only one really serious philosophical problem, and that is suicide

>There is only one really serious philosophical problem, and that is suicide.

So knowing this, and all of Camus' other ideas, how do we kill ourselves properly (i.e. in the most absurd way possible)? Does one seriously have to go through all the trouble to set up a "car accident"? Have it occur at some random time unbeknownst to us in the future? I mean there's got to be an easier way, right?

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>The meaning of life is whatever you can think of that stops you from killing yourself.

Suicide is for the philosophically infantile.

the meaninglessness creates the meaning :DDDDDDDDDDD

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>Suicide is for the philosophically infantile.
It's unfathomable to me how anyone would want to kill themselves to be honest. I think that for a lot of people it comes down to how their brains are developed. I mean, look at conservatives and liberals, there's studies emerging that show evidence that it's an innate part of people's brain development. I imagine that it's the same with people who are religious vs atheists, and people who are suicidal and people who have never felt the urge to commit suicide.

>studies emerging
Do you have any good links? That sounds rather interesting.

No, user, what you just described is dumb vs smart.

Suicide usually happens because the framing of your reality is so drab and colorless in your own mind that simply living isn't appealing anymore. Most people aren't aware of that process, though, so they will put themselves in a philosophical corner where they can't get out easily. For the only way to "get out" is to change your own reality all over again, and that is a very hard thing to even become conscious about to begin with.

Your explanation is somewhat close to the truth, but it is too oversimplified simply because our brains are much more malleable than most people think.

the most absurd way to kill oneself is by natural causes at old age

I don't think his explanation even exists pal, he was just providing a logical approach.

>dumb vs. smart
that's oversimplified.

>more malleable than most people think
you can't say this because brains are not at all understood. and all humans are inherently different.

>you can't say this because brains are not at all understood

Ofc I can, I didn't say they are 100% reworkable, only that they are more malleable than most people believe. Check out the new reasearch being made about neural plasticity and brain "stemcells".

>only the dumb commit suicide

But of course

I think just the opposite. Its really incredibly stupid to NEVER commit suicide under any circumstances though there may be a spectral stupidity based on the circumstances under which one commits suicide. But even Nietzsche approved of suicide in the instance that one had already fostered a fulfilling and accomplished existence. Waiting around to die of old age and disease is just incredibly cowardly and stupid and its the behaviour of an addict.

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How did Camus really die that night? Were they right when he died? Was it really his time? Or was it suicide?

If you feel like you have nothing to lose then why not do something drastic with your life? You'd rather embrace Oblivion (maybe there is an afterlife but from all we know this is it) than to live a life entirely free. Once you've seen the absurdity of life and the Inherant meaningless nature of it THEN YOU ARE TRULY FREE TO EXIST, TO LIVE! You can be a truely free man.

Also fuck Nietzsche.

That's not what is implied there, mate, give it another try.

Eh, I'd say the only time suicide is the right choice is when there is unremitting physical suffering or a untreatable hard mental disorder involved in the equation.

>I mean there's got to be an easier way, right?
you are literally already going to die.
it doesn't get easier than that.
just chill your hormones.

was gonna say this. a "natural" death is the most absurd way to go

>chill your hormones

Bruh puberty 2 ain't no joke.

Suicide is philosophy's most overdone problem.

I wasn't speaking for myself but I think waiting to die of cancer is pretty pointless and idiotic when you get right down to it. Worse is that maaybe you will be too infirmed to off yourself if you get sick enough and the doctors in most places wont do it for you under any circumstances.

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Suicide merely hastens one's journey to the Machine

the only way to be killed by the absurd is to live your life as virtuously as possible and still die in a horrific manner,
i mean not everyone gets to

Reminder that suicide the utmost expression of the faith in a self and that suicidal people do not believe in death.

suicidal people despise life so much that once they understand that they are inefficient at getting what they want, they go in the opposite direction of ''letting go'' in clinging, more than ever, to their desire of pleasures.
they cling so much that hey fail to pierce the notion of self.

if people believed in their death, they would be able to endure any pains on earth, they would not be scared of dying nor of pains.

when we believe in our death, when we believe that anything stops ''at death'' (reminder that you cannot prove that you will die, just like you cannot prove that you have been born), you do not have a problem taking a few hardships. it is not a few years of suffering which scare you, since at the end it stops.

>more fun with words

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I think for suicidal people being alive can be painful. Changing your life drastically wouldn't change much if your main problem is that you're alive and have to deal with existence. The oblivion is lack of anything, it's neither good or bad, so it has its serene appeal to a troubled mind.

No lifestyle can create meaning where there is none. Everybody has to "embrace Oblivion" at some point, so there's no reason to prolong the inevitable.

Also, life isn't absurd and nature isn't meaningless. Complexity is not equal to chaos just because it can't be comprehended.

Its funny you should say that. Wouldn't it imply the possibility of some greater scheme in which suicide is made invalid by removing your function from the tangible universe?

No, because everybody's function is removed at some point. A person who commits suicide does so because that person has completed its designated function and has no more purpose in the greater scheme.

i fail to see why that is necessarily the case whether they die naturally or by suicide.

It has to happen because it does happen and it happens because it has to. The fact that there is no alternative and no way of changing an event that has already happened is evidence that every event is predestined.

>I mean, look at conservatives and liberals, there's studies emerging that show evidence that it's an innate part of people's brain development

Do you consider it possible that this psychological difference is something which has been exploited, and which is not inherently political, but has been made so in order that populations may be easier divided between two political parties?

What I mean is: that politics, as a matter of different people disagreeing about the ideal state of society, has little to do with politics, as a division between those who want "progress" versus those who want "tradition"—is that possible? Everyone wants to conserve some things, and to change others. But the parties have split between them nonsensical notions of "conservatism" (in general) and "progress" (in general), which describe directions and not doctrines, and exploit the habitual bent of people's imaginations to get their assent to platforms which have little or nothing to do with how they actually want society to be run.

So is the politics necessarily dictated by psychology, or have psychological tendencies been dragged into politics as a way of cementing party loyalties?

you just said that the complexity of the workings of the universe were beyond human omprehension yet you still believe everything must be predetermined.

I love how Veeky Forums is not only wrong all the time but manages to be obnoxiously confident about it.

I fail to see the connection between those two facts.

>implying there is a predetermined reason for existence

There doesn't have to be a reason for existence because there is no alternative.

not committing suicide is the most absurd thing to do, this should be obvious

>The meaning of life is whatever you can think of that stops you from killing yourself.

so fear?

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It's certainly possible. In fact, I'd say it's very likely. I might even say you're on to something, if I were to be so bold.


suicide from philosophy is not dealt by the liberals, therefore is the most dangerous to the human rights, precisely because the perspective of the philosophical suicide lies outside of the doctrine of the human rights: this perspective says that human rights are nothing but conventions and makes the liberals standing before their contradictions: the one where they are not able to justify their authority, just like the liberals complained that kings were not able to justify their authority
[in fact, kings justify their authority by their lineage, which pisses off the liberals'; the liberals justify their authority poorly in saying that ''the people wants us, the liberals, to be in power''; the trick then is to carefully select what they call ''the people'']
the nice trick by the liberals is to obfuscate their authority into an implicit one, more compatible with their hatred of explicit authority [=tyrannies] : they claim thus that the human rights are natural, that any humans think that the human rights make sense [with the faith that they will be backed-up by their faith in what they call science] and anybody disagreeing on this is not a human, but an animal [=a reactionary].

so the suicide outside of depression is dangerous, because it shows that liberals cannot counter the lack of motivation to live. the liberals prefer to focus on suicide from pains: this one enables them to say that ''the human suffering'' must be answered by... science and faith in the human rights, in one word, the occidental humanist doctrine. pain/suffering is always the decisive motivation to get things form the society, in a liberal society.[as minorities, workers...]

did camus loathe politics?

>lets just generalize everyone into two dichotomies on a social-poltical spectrum that has waaay more dimensions than just one or two things.