How to profit on the coming civil war in SA?

How to profit on the coming civil war in SA?

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Be an arms dealer

Invest in guns for the whites.

Go work for the ANC.

Setup import bulk business.

Sell captured niggers

The trick is to make delivery

Buy a bunch of land real cheap during the fighting and resell it 15 years later

Buy the FUD. Land, Mines, underpriced stocks. Buy them all

Platinum. South Africa has the largest reserves and its their second biggest export. Nigs wont know how to operate the digger.

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Short the Rand!
10.000 Leverage.

Buy Land

>Buying land in a country with a government which openly confiscates land

How dumb can you be?

The War will be fought in Pretoria (and in the SW), right near the Platinum mines.

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A USDZAR long is somewhat tempting. The dollar has been on a bull run for a while with the other, more influential currencies and this would act as a headwind to any massive gains against the rand.

The government confiscates private land owned by white farmers who inherited it.
Most of the actual farms and land in the country aside from those people is owned by companies, many of them foreign. Those are exempt from any kind of land seizure. It's one of those fun loopholes.

>They're confiscating this land, but they won't confiscate that land!

lol look at these apes you just know they gonna destroy that country

Sure, but you must hire 90% blacks, who inherently adhere to communism and have no history of farming.

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You're missing the point here. Unlike Zimbabwe, S.A relies far too hard on foreign investment. Despite whatever local disputes are happening, the country is still very rich in resources and they are getting managed in a very clever way. The government itself is playing at communism but in reality they're only in power as long as it suits those that are profiting.
The land that is owned by blacks and safe from the government isn't actually owned by the blacks. It happened before when they introduced BEE. Many of the large companies just put up a black figurehead and carried on business as usual.
Also, did you know that a few years back the Chinese worked the system to classify themselves as legally black in the country? It was a way to work around the company hiring quotas which benefited the white owners as well as the large Asian communities in the country.
I'm not saying the situation isn't fucked, but even if it gets to a civil war, the companies that own most of the country will come out of it mostly unscathed.
In any case it is unlikely to happen, not with BRICS and the rest of the world watching. Zuma was amusing for a while and completely useless but Ramphsa is a businessman and he knows his way around real corruption.

The ANC is literally pushing is for land expropriation without compensation, including farms and urban properties. EFF leader Julius Malema: "Every land in South Africa should be expropriated without compensation," he said. "The state should be the custodian of the land."

Not a good idea to stand between the millions of blacks and gibs.

The EFF is not the ruling party, and Malema is a clown. There are several political parties in the country, but the ANC holds nearly all the power. The rest is just for show.
They are pushing for expropriation based on privately owned farms, not business owned farms. There is a difference. The land that is held in compliance with the black quotas isn't getting seized, it's only the land still left that is being held by the whites.
Like I said, it's still absolute bullshit that this is happening, but since we are posting on Veeky Forums and not /pol/, I am pointing out the fact that there is definitely opportunity to make money. The country has been exploited for years, mainly by its own government but also by smart businessmen.

I am a Swazi grower, I could make a lot of money, but don't know how to export my ganja

>Unemployment is currently at 27.7% and rising
>Arresting the falling growth rate in the current economic climate is a pipe dream
>South Africa credit rating heading junk grade status
>International financial institutions will be mandated to pull out of the South African bond market
>A depreciating rand will make foreign debt more expensive;
>The State owned enterprises cannot service their debt, and require further funding to keep them afloat

I just don't see many international investors will want to take the risk.

Go long on all commodities except toilet paper.

>ness owned farms
LARP. Government doesn't care who owns the land..they will take the best farms for themselves AS ALL GOOD COMMIES DO

Open a SA crypto exchange and bump the price like they do in Korea.
Once white exodus starts, there is no way that many of them won't buy crypto to beat the 50% tax on capital leaving the country.

True, not from the first world for sure. But I don't see why Russia, China, or India wouldn't take a crack at it. This sort of thing has happened in other African countries before and there must have been some individuals who managed to make a tidy profit as well. Not exactly a global-scale amount of money but at least Veeky Forums-tier.

You can't just claim LARP when nobody is even talking from their own experience in this thread. Do you even know what that word means?
And so what if they do? It would take years for that to happen. Why would they start doing that now when they can play the race angle and keep the people on their side for as long as possible?

How interactive broker?

sell something like this, but for people

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Look for the dual listed co's. A lot on the LSE.

this is the only right answer