Is she OK?

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she is kill

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y did she do it

She killed herself due to online harassment :(
It’s your fault Veeky Forums

hopefully she is
kinda nasty why some of you are such pieces of trash.

Deluded arkies has this chick's death on their hands. Why couldn't your shitcoin just moon a bit to alleviate the darkness surround her heart?

Bark for her


who is this ?

ARK chick who said she was gonna off herself a few days ago in a reddit post


The ginger was hotter anyways

fug that makes me even more hard


Post the cute red head ark girl

What the fuck are you serious?
Why would she do that?

Press C to cum in her grave.

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Women shouldn’t be legally allowed to handle their own finances, it’s downright irresponsible and dangerous. Do something Mr. Trump

dare I say, /ourgirl/?

not dead confirmed

how many arks for a qucky

As if this board isn't full of new friends doing the same

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she sounds smart but also really messed up
crypto has broken her

Typical fucking roastie. Using suicide as an accessory to get attention.

Idk if that's her. Same nose but rest of face is different and OP grill doesn't have pierced ears.

so shes killing herself because shes down like 66% (so fucking what?) after being an idiot who bought the top? those are the kinds of mistakes you learn from, not die from. its a shit situation and she might have to wait years, but one day someones gonna pump it, just like every other goddamned shitcoin that gets its 5 mins of fame. its just a matter of waiting and watching it dwindle into nothing, then putting a bunch more money in at that price. i mean, at this rate, the moneys gone, so you either give up on it, or you grow some fucking balls and find a bottom.

>buys at ATH
>still patiently waiting for another 20-30% loss to close out
id say she checks out

Hard to tell if it is for real or not. If it's real, then the Veeky Forums anons are not at fault. She has serious issues and should seek therapy. If it is just for attention it is stupid as fuck.

That is definitely her.

That's properly hot.

She is still alive check the other post. She just commented another thread.

good. she would be retarded to kill herself now. she has a perfect setup to take all the the thirsty anons/redditors money by camming and being a fucking whore for a little while. meanwhile, she can wait patiently and still live comfortably without working, while waiting for a bottom on ARK. it could take years, but at this rate shes already a meme. if she doesnt take advantage of it, she is not a true roastie. it is hands down what i would do if i had a fucking pussy, looked halfway decent and was in her situation.

shes got a problem, but its up to her to fix it. lets see if shes smart enough to figure it out

>no tits whatsoever

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plenty big enough to cum all over. seriously if she doesnt start camming, and then reinvest for a moon mission, shes retarded. she clearly has no qualms about posting lewd shit on the internet for attention. might as well do it for money

fuck, now im looking at her posts and shit. the amount of fucking orbiters shes got is intense. she could honestly put crypto gains to shame if she just went full whore. then take all those NEET bux and try not to buy the top again like a fucking troglodyte

lol same

She's like a female version of Isaac Newton.

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How do you know?

no ark

She posted it herself on reddit

will someone just go over there and tell her to go whore for free NEETbux so she can moon with actual risk capital and not her savings. im not going to use that fucking shit site, but id give her a couple bucks to get a good look at her asshole. and judging by the halls of texts and she receives and yes m'ladies constantly, there are fucking hundreds and hundreds of NEETs that are FAR thirstier than me. like i said, she bought a cam 6 days ago, shes into science, and clearly not a dummy (except in finance lol), so im sure shes way the fuck ahead of me.