Current to read meme pile , what should I read next

current to read meme pile , what should I read next

None of those are good places to start, so read a little bit of each and see which one you enjoy most, then read that one

why don't you make a thread when you've actually read one of those books you idiot.

start with the greeks

>she hasn't read the meme trilogy

it should be a prerequisite for posting on Veeky Forums

>on /lit
>calling them "books"
please leave

w-what are they?

Bolano, Pynchon, Joyce
Pretty nice, although I'd prefer Savage Detectives over 2666 and would probably skip Gödel (...)

Textual splices of life, and the inner working behind it.

jesus fucking christ
don't read any of them. throw them all away or sell them so someone more willing and worthy can get them. you owning them and having them all in a big dumb tower like that makes me fucking

Since when was Crime and Punishment that thin?

All that's missing here is that overly long blue tomb about tennis. You're putting us on, aren't you OP?

I would just say Not Count of Monte Cristo.

It's not great Veeky Forums, it was the Harry Potter of the 19th century. There's nothing wrong, of course, with reading stuff like that, but this particular work is over a thousand pages and that's a big time commitment for something that is purely enjoyment.

>you owning them and having them all in a big dumb tower like that makes me fucking
lmao this is so true. get wrecked OP.

Is sex that easy?

I hope that's not your entry point into any of those authors.
With Pynchon start with The Crying of Lot 49 and then move on to the more complex one. Gravity's Rainbow should be second-to-last to V.
As with Bolaño, 2666 is the absolute pinnacle of his career, but you'll appreciate it if you've read his other stuff. At least read Nazi Literature in the Americas, Distant Star, By Night in Chile, The Third Reich and The Savage Detectives first.
As for Joyce, read the Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man first.
Dumas is the same as Dickens -19th century pulp fiction.
Thoreau is dense as fuck, and Heidegger is worse, and Being and Time is the worst.
Same goes to Crime and Punishment, it puts back so many readers off Dostoievski because it's so bleak, dense and soul-crushing.

GR or Dumas or Walden, then Ulysses

bolano and that hofstadter autist can be pawned for whatever meager sums you get

do you read with a fucking bicycle helmet on?

why is Veeky Forums so full of hotheads

nice meme tower, friend!

It's Being and Time really as unreasonably difficult as people make it out to be?

because you're dumb and i'm not

not really



>He doesn't have the meme edition

But if you want I'll give you one shot

you must've read a fuckload of books already, otherwise I reckon you'll drop one of those readings

Hello fellow Veeky Forumserate. I'm also beginning my journey into reading by starting with the great memes, as people here have recommended that I should do.

I'm reading these from top to bottom, which is in chronological order (GR and The Recs should be switched I know), but I'm starting with How to Read Literature Like a Professor which should prepare me to read these books with a critical mind and get the most out of them.

2666 did the btfo on savage detectives

they should both be read but 2666 is so much more beautiful & horrifying.

please be bate


Underageb& who just came back from Barnes & Noble and is taking a shitty american high school literature course this year/10

yeah, idiot. they're called "meme tomes"

It's hard and it's dense, but it isn't incomprehensible and soul crushing, like Kant, Hegel, or contemporary Heideggerians.

Read Ulysses, so you can waste your fucking time

Heidegger is way harder than Kant, Kant is fine albeit autistic.

What high school literature course has Ulysses and Gravity's Rainbow ? Those were never mentioned in any of the literature classes I had. We just read boring garbage like The Jungle and The Great Gatsby.

What is life?

user, don't let this elitist fucks keep you from enjoying The Count of Monte Cristo. Literature is also about joy.

I only guessed she's a high schooler because of that "How to Read Literature like a Professor" book that's often taught, and assumed he bought the others on the standard Veeky Forums reccs whim


>are women overwhelmingly oppressed in western society?