Lost all of it

I’m so fucking dumb I literally lost my life savings on Yobit dice

FUCK. I’m gonna end it, not asking for handouts

Take what’s left Veeky Forumsbros

address: etherscan.io/address/0xb7605ddc0327406a7ac225b9de87865e22ac5927

private key: 049bb603adbd99a8a00aeef83d2ceacc3f2958cd927f7295188ae43cbeb09df9

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I don't even have to check to know which address that is.

Lol its a real address. It has 24cents !

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Is this the scam where people send eth for the gas cost and OP bot moves it immediately?

wtf is yobit dice

One thing is clear, it's a scam. Don't need to know more.


newfags LEAVE

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Yeah I remember that scam for a Minereum genesis address from someone who was "hacked" and wanted to "get back at the hacker by giving it away." It had $30,000 worth in it and I actually fell for it. Only lost like $5 though.

Oh shit this is the SAME address hahahahaha someone had the same idea I had like 8 months ago to post this here claiming this. Hahaha holy shit.

>5000+ transactions
yeah, not falling for that

alright which one of you idiots fell for it LMAO

i know some of you did SHOW YOURSELF

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I did like 8 months ago. I already said that here: . Back when I did it there weren't many transactions at all on the address and it was more believable. And Minereum was over $1.00 then so it was over $30,000.




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good one OP

Do people actually fall for these? I remember a monumental thread from a couple months ago where an user larped as a noob when in actuality he was a seasoned scammer, ended up scamming some brainlet who fell for it.

How does this scam work?

lmao OP didnt know about the second chance refund faucet


Mind experiment, like Albert E, and imagine how you would move the tokens off the address.


Please fuck off, at least read the thread you are replying to.

reminds of that minereum scam

I remember this scam. Can't believe so many people fell for it.

I'm not a newfag but a brainlet when it comes to Eth, how does this scam work?


Read the first post in this thread.

Sorry, that was not true
explains it.

it remindes me oof the minereum scam

If you check his token holdings, you might be in for a little bit of nostalgia.


Okay. I just did it. Whats going to happen?

to you brainlets here's how the scam works

1) import the private key to mew/meta/whatever
2) ohh look free tokens I can steal
3) oh wait I cant send them out without eth for gas money
4) deposit eth to steal tokens
5) op's bot steals your eth faster than you can steal the tokens

also another reason Stellar is superior to eth, you can merge accounts so you wouldn't have to move money in just so you could move tokens/assets on the account

couldn't you make a bot faster than op's bot?

hmm a bot war perhaps? Any script kiddies feelin froggy?

Has anyone seen the address he sends 1.8 tokens to regularly? He's fucking loaded if he also owns that address. And he's pissed off a bunch of people in the etherscan comments.


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OPs bot has run for years with no casualties. I wonder if a cascade of incoming transactions will keep it busy.

And I was mildly annoyed when I spent a LTC on FortuneJack. Shit man.

Yes please try this

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I'm not a bot wrangler. Will keep tabs on the address though, hope to see his honeypot get drained one day.

How to scam the scammer....

Seems like a nigga might get lucky. Transfer the balance to your address, if you send at the same instant someone sends him gas money it might send before the bot moves the gas out.

He's spent years ripping off miners with insecure rigs.

>ETH USD Value: $22,805,151.76

Fuck me I need one of these

that's exactly what it is check the addy

The modern pirates, looting here and there

ok which joker sent him 0.00000032 ETH 20 minutes

I did. I'm still waiting for my tokens.

thx keep us posted


Why does that account send those 1.8ish minereum tokens? Does anyone have a good suggestion? I also noticed the tx transfering minereum have several dropped tx with the same nonce. What does that mean?

op you idiot lol there is $5k worth of tokens on the wallet.
I am going to transfer them all out when my eth transaction clears to cover the gas price lol. thanks for the 5k faggot

And there is no gas fee included in these minereum tx. How does he send these tokens without paying the transport?

Garbage bait

Did you get them yet champ :)

bumping, people keep sending this guy shit but balance is always 0 eth, he does sweep-outs milliseconds after the transactions clear. Nobody has gotten any of the $6,000 worth of minereum tokens


people in the comment say that they got their ETH drained? How is this working out?

Do they actually send all their ETH to cover the gas or what is going on?