Is there any Mecha that fit the role as realistic on the battlefield? Pic Unrelated it's just an Ogre from Titanfall

Is there any Mecha that fit the role as realistic on the battlefield? Pic Unrelated it's just an Ogre from Titanfall

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>Pic Unrelated it's not a mecha


>inb4 an influx of fags going all "lel not mecha lol it says here on an ancient fucking article look ma I posted it again top kek"
>despite OP stating pic unrelated
oh look they are already here

I don't get it, how is that not mecha?
Are they mixing mecha and mechs up? I've never played the game.

Some retard artist who was interviewed said that they wanted to step away from the idea of mechas and dont want titans to be called them. But really he was talking about slow western mechs and not the fast shooty mechs. Anyway the first game bombed, and now the second game is dying a slow death even though it's fantastic and the artist is probably fired.

Oh, that's an awfully obscure reference they're making.

>first game comes out
>retard staff tries to say it's different from other commonly known western mecha stuff such as mechwarrior
>retard staff end up saying "mecha is old busted dirty word, titanfall isn't mecha"
>obvious fuck up gets brought up every single time there's a slight mention of titanfall on /m/
if these posters sound stupid to you, that's because they are

That's not a mecha though.

I'm just more surprised they all read this same article.
Not too critical on them... I think they're trying to pull a "anime janai" meme, but they're really not successful on differentiating themselves from all the tards that regularly go "not mecha!".
Maybe I'm just giving them too much credit, maybe.

>not to dis shito again.jpg
/k/ockmonglers will crawl out of their innawoods and bam! a 300 replies thread with nothing of value.

I'm hijacking this stupid thread as a titanfall thread.

For those who don't know, the sequel is the best gundam game ever made, complete with insane themed antagonists and pilot to pilot banter

anyway post titans and then play it so it never dies/I can play with actual /m/en and wo/m/en instead of the usual fps hordes.
It's free this weekend I think.


We should make an /m/ network for all of the systems honestly. Been awhile since I've played.

Grenadiers a best. And Blisk best announcer.

Not really, a picture of the article was posted in every titanfall thread well into the release of 2.

Keeping up the tradition.

yeah, I kept looking for one, but I never tried to make one.

you better be talking about the Cold War, son

In b4 "Titans are not mechs"

Nevermind that the Dev was referring to Mechs from Battletech or Hawken.

The boss fights were such a good idea.
I can't remember the last time I played a game with that sort of willingness to give each of their bosses a little callout cutscene. Kinda reminded me of mgs in that regard

robo pilots are neato

We do have an /m/ network, although I think I've been the only one on it for a while, it's called Experts of Justice and the tag is [0079]

Oh boy, it's another "two mile per hour tank on legs panel lines so realistic weebshit BTFO" thread.

SMR mostly because I'm a fag for full auto tiny missiles.

But I mean all of them from EPG to Cold War as they're all fun as fuck.

>two mile per hour tank on legs



>oh boy, I didn't read the fucking thread but look at me trying to be clever

The artist was definitely fired, and the devs went completely against the claim anyway by making Titanfall 2's campaign /m/ as fuck.

For Christ's sake you even fight the Titan equivalent of a Gundam.

EPG gets me trickshots I literally cannot explain how I pull off. I'm not gud. How is this occurring

>*teleports behind you*
>*initiate nuke ejection*
>pfft, nothing personal kid

Folded a Bajirrion times.

The fast side of the force is a pathway to abilities some consider to be unnatural.

Legionfags (AKA BEST TITAN) report in

>Realize Legion prime is out
>Trying not to fold and buy it even if it's cheap as fuck

Damn it I need it user.

Just buy it, Respawn's a good team and it's also a good way to show support.

my endless dilemma:
>gravitate towards Tone because it's absolutely the best looking titan imo
>everyone calls it overpowered
>it kinda was
>gets nerfed
>still get slammed for my occasional Tonelust
my wild ride

speaking of tone or the op meta
>be new to game, watch titan analysis videos
>play tone because missles are cool
>salvo core sounds good on paper but I couldn't aim or guide the salvo for worth a damn
>have trouble getting three shots with the semi auto cannon either
>suck as tone despite how op it should be
>play ion, the BREASTO FIYAAAH titan
>laser shot is supposed to be really good and can out-snipe northstar
>can't manage energy consumption for worth a damn
>or utilize the bugged vortex shield before it's fixed
Then I tried legion and what the fuck I am actually getting good.

Viper was the best. THE BEST

sniping an ejected pilot with the shot is literally one of the most satisfying things in gaming. One time I got lucky and landed the last sniping shot on the evac dropship right as it was flying and about to jump.

Has Titanfall 2 gotten any more free DLC since the Angel City map?

The only way you could compare Titanfall to Gundam instead of VOTOMS is if you haven't watched VOTOMS.

There is literally an unlockable Patch or whatever their called that's "Titanfall Z" and it has a picture of a Black Ion doing the Breast Fire. These Devs are fucking /m/en

Titanfall 2 is fucking ruined by hitscan, holy shit is it that cancer. Otherwise really fun game. Shame you can't role play pic related though, they should have had a high skill fuck-off anti-titan weapon in some fashion

Remind me what the hitscan weapons are? This isn't Dark Souls so I'm cool with "if you can't beat em, join em"
I think they were afraid of making Anti-Titan weapons that were too effective, after complaints about their 1st game

the hitscan weapons don't simulate a projectile, they're just point and click lasers. Problem is, they also have miniscule time to kill so they are no skill death machines which always outclass the more fun and interesting projectile weapons.