How do I put link into cold storage?

So I have 130k links and I want to put it into cold storage and just not look at it for a year or two. Or start using them when the mainnet comes out.

So where and how do i store the ERC20 token on COLD STORAGE...I literally want to have it on a USB or something and just lock it away in a safe somewhere and wagecuck till it finally blows up

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buy a hardware wallet (ledger nano s or trezor) and you can send your link tokens to your eth address. they will be safe there senpai

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buy 2 usb sticks and a cheap laptop. download ubuntu/debian, keepassxc deb file (installer), and the index.html of MEW (check their github) on your current pc/laptop. install ubuntu/debian on your new cheap laptop via usb and disable wifi from bios. use other usb stick to transfer index.html of MEW and keepassxc deb file (installer) to install it. create wallet offline, save PK in keepassxc, but the keepassxc database file in the usb stick you used to transfer MEW and keepassxc deb file (installer). feel free to destroy your laptop afterwards. i went full autist and bought 3 usb sticks for it so that the usb i use to get the keepassxc file from the new laptop isn't "contaminated". i keep that usb stick in a secure location. i also uploaded the keepassxc file in a cloud storage, but i encrypted the keepassxc file first via veracrypt. seemed redundant but idc. lastly i also spread the veracrypt file that has the keepassxc file in it in diff locations (parents laptop, brothers pc, etc). holy shit im autistic. i hold 60k link btw

that was kinda beautiful, godspeed autist user

how the fuck are you smart enough to acquire 130k links and have to ask Veeky Forums how to store them

Bravo. I’m on a similar level. It’s fun thinking of more ways to improve the scheme

Every morning have an ice cold shower and recite the recovery seed for a hardware wallet that you have completely destroyed.

Serious answer: the coins are stored on the ethereum blockchain. You only need your public and private key to access them. Both keys are just long numbers so you can write them down on paper and put them in a safe.

I put my linkies in the MetaMask Chrome Extension.
The password and the restore words are saved in a txt file on my dropbox.


I'm not kidding. I really do it like that.
I only fear exchanges getting hacked, not myself getting hacked.
I never got hacked and I only browse work related websites, youtube, amazon and Veeky Forums, so there is nearly no risk for me of getting hacked.

Oh so you’re a pajeet

Are you retarded?

No, I'm german, 100% bavarian phenotype, kek.

Hook line and sinker

Solid lol

Okay lets get serious here.
I dont get why people are so autistically obsessed with security on here.
The only way someone can get my stinky linkies is if he somehow hacks my dropbox, then finds the password secured folder where the textfile is in, then somehow gets into the folder (the pw is written on a piece of paper stored in my room and I have memorized it, so its not digitally stored).
How likely is it than someone pulls this off, if he doesnt even know whats in the folder and how valueable it would be?

It’s fun to create elobarate processes to protect our tendie money when it becomes millions

dont be deluded, it will never reach millions.
i just invested in LINK for the memes, I dont believe it will ever reach 5$

ty anons. when my trading account gets big enough i will buy a cheap phone and have my 2FA there. remove wifi, etc. comfy. i just got that idea from another user here, seemed cool
when my linkies moon exponentially i would imagine that this $400 is money well spent for peace of mind. also it's fun, for real, not just autism. maybe autism makes it fun tho

Lol that’s all I need it to reach

I have an old iPod with 2fa no need for a phone where someway they could social engineer shit

what do you mean? if i dont put a simcard on it and disable the wifi i think it's okay. old ipod seems like a decent idea if i can get it for cheaper however. the hardware on those are reliable iirc.

True I just had one laying around

the nano ledger s is what you seek user

For one of my trading accounts I have this folder that holds a 2 VeraCrypt docs with my password split between the two. It takes a minute to get logged in but it works. Thought you might like that idea

Pic semi related

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i havent bothered with the hassle, 2FA + keepassxc (email and binance account are separate) is good enough for me for now because my trading stack is only $1k. thinking about it it seems similar already to what i do but the split pw is fucking cool, nice

Use veracrypt to create a small encrypted drive with a strong password that youll remember. Put your private key in it and move the veracrypt file to a usb drive or email it to yourself if you trust the password is strong enough

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