Would Veeky Forums consider being in a relationship with (or marrying) a prostitute?

Would Veeky Forums consider being in a relationship with (or marrying) a prostitute?

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Yeah why not?

I wouldn't marry your mom but I'll keep her.


all women are prostitutes, so yes

Yes unless I can find that 1% decent woman. I know there are some out there

>all women are prostitutes, so yes

Correct. And for that reason also no.


sure why not

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If I was a fag I would not have had a 10/10 who I found out was a former escort, an ex wife and two adult daughters. Women are worthless. They are nice house pets and nothing more, basically amoral. If you want a companion buy a dog.

Yes, it would be great.


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>I only had one client before you

more like minimum 3 per day

No. Couldnt lick a pussy which had 100+ dicks inside.

Also almost all prostitutes have herpes, nah thanks. In addition, they are very likely uneducated and unable to earn their part outside of prostitution

>almost all women have herpes

fixed that for you


lol whatever you say homo

I'm not marrying a girl that isn't a virgin.

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>no brap posting

fuck sake Veeky Forums


>I'm never marrying.

fixed that for you

dated one for a few months. was weird. wouldn't recommend. she did pay for everything, though, and gave me cash whenever i asked :D

Was she "active" while you were dating?

>Would Veeky Forums consider being in a relationship with (or marrying) a prostitute?

It depends. The worst case sceario is that you only have an emotional connection and not a sexual one (i.e she is just using you for the emotional side) youtube.com/watch?v=wdozPueCb7g

Otherwise, how I picture it being good is if you own your own house and work from home, she just comes around every now and then, stays over night etc, have good sex etc. Going outside you might be concerned other people recognize her, if you are kind of light hearted and have no pretensions you could have fun times.

Also answer this user >Was she "active" while you were dating?
it's intriguing.

Same here. Dating a virgin right now. I'm probably giving up on girls if we don't get married.

>Would Veeky Forums consider being in a relationship with (or marrying) a prostitute?

Of course, but only if all her clients have been black guys, that would be buying the highest and selling the lowest, just the Veeky Forums way.

protip: she's lying


Unbelievable how many cucks are on Veeky Forums these days. If you aren't trying to pimp out your girlfriend's your marrying one that's being pimped out by someone else. No self respect or dignity.

>what is sharing economy

If you're not making the most of your assets, you're not trying.