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what is there to say? a bunch of morons who've never done VC investing, are now getting into VC investing, with all the fuckups and insane demands that come from the unknowledgable intruding into a space that was formerly for the smartest people to take risky bets, and they dont like the timelines (years) that come with startups.

All coins without institution money will die. Very comfy on JNT.

What is there to explain? He only says that the 250mn won't have an instant impact. If you weren't a moron you would have understood that from the begining


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hahaha get fucked u brainlet

IF you morons watched Yazan speak in Korea you'd know that the intitial investment was to pilot Jcash in the UAE,,,,, literally publicly announced months ago yet retards with their entire life's savings in this project are just finding out now.

I am seriously questioning people IQ in this board. They keep failling into chinkz coins and Links memes. It's like they are begging to be scammed.

Good job Talal though. a 27 years old ARAB who bamboozled most Veeky Forums


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Not understanding what bamboozle supposedly occurred here. This was public information?

>BTFO in the last thread
>but due I’m just gonna open a new one
The absolute state of jnt fudders

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what thread is that

I fucking told you retards who thought they were going to get a sudden 4X that you were going to get rekt. Goddamned morons. THIS WILL TAKE YEARS. FUCKING YEARS TO BECOME RELEVANT.


boards.Veeky Forums.org/biz/thread/8400009

>DAO is fully operational by Q3 2018

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son of a dog.....may all of your luck be taken away.......you father of stinky smells....you shoe....keep your mouth close.....dont reveal the plan you dog

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>Something being operational means adoption
DGB is fully operation too. Great that it's known as the premier digital currency.

i have a fatass position in this coin and both the fudders and shillers are fucking retarded as fuck if you thought they were going to just market buy 250 million dollars worth of jnt

>ugh I need something stupid to say
>Look DGB has failed
Nice counter argument retard.
250m of SEED money is in the process of being tokenized, it will take time, but no longer than Q3 when jcash becomes completed product.

Right, I figured this was obvious


>DGB didn't work so JNT wont work

DGB is a fag ass imitation currency. JNT is a market tool with an actual use case.

Also this. Who in their right mind would pump a coin 5x with the equivalent of a market purchase? Nigs would just dump into it and run with the money.

Give me one piece of good news right now. Wait, there is none this shitcoin is done for. Let those bags go and just call it a loss. I've also got the shaft and loss a lot of money I understand your pain, it's hard.

Is this is a new spam fud pasta?
>this Monday SEED told the world they are tokenizing $250m which exceeded everyone’s expectations
>no good news

Honestly don't get the point of this fud. Coins already cheap as fuck. Just dump your McDonalds paycheck in and get few thousand more.

gotta love the FUD. stay salty /biz

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Pffffttt....Where are the results?

I dont think anyone with a functional brain thought that.

>Pffffttt....Where are the results?

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Read veeeery carefully the first paragraph of OP’s pic related.
Pay close attention to words “instant impact”
Got it?
Good job my dear brainlet, next lesson is “buy low sell high”, come tomorrow at the same time.

>we want to corporitize our communication
thanks for your money now fuck off

Getting salty they gonna ban all the frog posters from tg including you?
Come here, poor baby boo, daddy has some milkies for you

It's been dumping today and will be more.

What should I do ? :(

Keep reading fud till you sell

>and will be more
So you are sure it will dump more? Then sell and rebuy lower

Use this if your pea brain cannot understand why the 250 million are not reflected in market cap yet.

Ask yourself where we are on this chart.

Talal said they will hopefully receive a clearer version of this in the next few days. Can't wait till they explain the mechanics so that brainlets can understand them as well and we don't have to listen to your whining anymore.

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Stupid biz. Never trust middle easterners. Look at their countries. They're complete shitholes. Some shithole country is going to create muh BLOCKCHAIN when they haven't done shit for the world? morons

assets are being tokenized now, for people to make money from.Lets go through the coinmarketcap top 100 now and see how many coins are currently functioning and being used like jibrel.Ada?nope.Xlm?nopeEos?nopeiota?nopeXem?nope.Tron?nopeLIsk?nope.etc etc.

MakerDAO will launch with multi collateral in Q2, meaning their stable coin DAI will be backed by multiple layers of funds preventing the coin from crashing in a crash.
So your precious little JNT is worthless and don't give me this tokenised asset bullshit when USD paired coin is what people want.

id argue that from the top 200 coins, jibrel will be one of the first to be actively used and making money.Go actually look through the top 200 and be honest with yourself, how many can you see being widely used before jibrel?Im happy to expand on this and go through the top 200 if someone disagrees.


wai the banks have to buy JNT to send it to the DAO? Do they buy it from exchanges or what?

Anyone who bought this coin thinking it was going to make them rich this week is a fucking moron.

I've committed half my portfolio to JNT and am feeling comfy with that decision. This is the best long term hold on the market right now.

Wtf are you talking about. Do you realize that central bank and financial investors $$$ is what will make this coin moon? They don't give a shit about shitty pajeets who invest $100. The only way for this shitcoin to moon is by tokenizing shit

thanks sold 100k

Implying jibrel's goal is to be a stablecoin.

kill yourself mindlet, you don't deserve to live