It's over.

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But it hasn’t even started.

So, the bubble burst. When the dot com bubble burst did website stop making money? No, giants like Amazon rose from the ashes and investors got rich.

COSS is an exchange and it will be a major one. People still make money doing swing trades with the ups and downs of the market and willl continue to do so. The market will stabilize. The number of people who want to trade in a stable market will rise. Holding COSS now is like staking a precious metals mine before the mining equipment is shipped.

If you hold copious amounts of COSS, you will make it.

yep, sell all your stuff user so i can buy it cheap on my way to lambo town

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yep, on clue what im talking about. sell sell sell this shit coin

what i never understood about this:
there are many exchanges
there are many decentralized exchanges
is there any identifiable tech advantage to coss other than that it could potentially benefit token holders?

Always buy the most FUD'ed coins on Veeky Forums
Thanks OP I'll drop $2k into COSS

Talk me out of buying this dip

What number is a copious amount?

I have 50k, will I make it?

if coss breaks into the top 50 exchanges your looking at 2-4 dollar per coss minimum

Did it ever begin?

Well it is started by a guy who offers "shares" in his previous failed businesses. But don't think too much of it, he cashed himself out before his businesses ever ate shit. This is just rune evensen 6.0

Is it still fud if this shit is true? If that's the case, you'd better buy into bitconnect on this dip while you're at it

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Assuming they get $50 million/day trading volume, you'll make about $200 a week. Pretty nice but I'm sure they can do better than just that

It won't rise for a bit and I think the price will keep going lower

Already bought bitconnect at about $20 each and sold around $400 each. That train that made me rich has come and gone

You're a madman, bought at the bottom and sold at the absolute top

>I don't believe you.gif

But fiat pairings coming very soon

And it's been known for a long time and the price has still rapidly been dropping. COSS price will rise with volume. People that would've put in fiat to buy COSS (their only worthwhile coin on the site) would have already been smart enough to buy Eth somewhere else and transfer it over to buy COSS.

Volume won't rise until COSS gets some worthwhile coins on their site and stop focusing on these shitcoins all linked to gold or some shit.

bottom was like ten cents. Top was around $430 iirc

get fucked COSS shills

>1000000 link threads a day are okay but 1 coss thread is not


Look into stex exchnage, will trade nearly every coin, 100% of fees paid to token holders

Coss had their chance and they fucked it, they are done.

>Look into stex exchnage
literally $90/day volume. It's nothing like Coss

if you hold any exchange tokens in 2018 besides BNB, you're not going to make it

the competition is far too high now, its pure gambling. and dont give me that "all crypto is gambling" bullshit. exchange tokens have to be the riskiest bet in this space.

I think pure currency coins are far riskier than exchange coins. The market has no intention of consolidating to one exchange, people just stick with the one whose UI they like. At one point before the recent bear market there were 30+ exchanges with over 100m daily volume.

COSS is also potentially more attractive to whales as the fee gets lower the more you trade.

not yet, but it will be a one stop solution for crypto, around 2027 if everything goes well

when will biz realize that coss is the ultimate biz coin?
> a barely working product, but enough to sell to the normans
> a ceo who knows shit about IT, crypto, management but who cares because
> a ceo that ran MLM businesses successfully, one after the other for years
> a ceo who can sell himself so well, that he went to d10e crypto conference and they asked him to be a keynote at all the upcoming d10e events
> a token and business model, which sells the biggest dream ever sold to the normans: passive income

do you get it now user or should i go on?
when the marketing starts in a month or two, that bald motherfucker will sell the dream to the norman world, and thats when we gonna dump our bags on the hordes of staceys and tyrones and rajeshes,
who doesnt want anything more than muh travelling from the passive income and feeling proud because of muh investments guru i am
i cant wait for the time when those dumb nignogs are going to tweet about this new opportunity they just bought in at ath
guess from who they gonna buy those bags user

People trade where coin volume is. And coin volume is usually highest on the first exchange it launched on. That's why the COSS team is very focused on new coins.

This nigger gonna make it. He knows the drill.

That is copypasta.
But it is true.

everybody is talking about coss not gonna make it, it will fail. ofc this pile of shit with the romanian interns will fail, but if it doesnt go up to 5 before it dies im gonna eat mcaffes dick

the engine and API will make or break this

Lost a bunch on this, it's a great idea but they keep delaying and failing to deliver. With the amount of income they've generated it is bs that things are still moving so slow. Smells fishy, I sold my coss and went into (pic related) already made more in 2 weeks than I've lost in coss

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even though i hold i think it'll keep going lower. but mid next month if they have their shit ready they start marketing

I might buy back in if they ever deliver on the fiat gateway, until then they've lost me


yoo smart strategy, buy when its high good idea

pyramid scheme dogshit memecoin, how fun!

>>neck yourself

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