Stop with all your bullshit. Give it to me straight. What will be the price of BTC at year end?

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1000k eoy


but it will hit 50k before that


50K EOY minimum


50k I am not kidding




whales will suppress the price for over a year down to the 1-3k range. all but the most diehard early adopters will be shaken out, all altcoins except eth/ltc will go to 0

and once they own it all, they might let you have a little at 100k

nothing. This is the beginning of the end today. In two weeks, we will be at 5k, mining rigs will shit down, and difficulty will be locked in, forever killing any chance of profiting from mining, while locking up the rest of the remaining bagholder's funds. Anyone not selling now is dumb as fuck.


>difficulty will be locked in, forever killing any chance of profiting from mining,

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I’m not entirely sure about end of year estimates but for the next few months I can see a downward spiral to maybe 5k and lower.

wait till the mining ban comes through. We will see china executing those that refuse to shut down their mining operations. Go ahead and laugh. It will be reality very soon.

most of you are fucking retarded. crypto isn't just le epic coins game, it's gonna be the biggest thing since the internet. BTC will be 60k and ETH will be 8k

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Less miners will mean mining becomes easier. 1800(or something) BTC are mined every day, if it was only one laptop left mining it would get them all by itself. If it were a billion computers mining it would divide those 1800 on a billion people

Unironically 40-60k

1.5k if BCH hasn't killed it completely.

>BTC will be 60k and ETH will be 8k
ima be so fucking rich

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that's not how mining difficulty adjustment works. The difficulty adjustment algorithm for PoW is available on the github for bitcoin. Take a look at it. It is based not only on hash power, but on the # of submissions of shares. There needs to be x number of submissions before it will update difficulty over a period of time. If China goes dark, it could potentially take years to reach that point where enough shares were submitted to update it, all done at a loss. You'd have to be retarded to keep mining. your rigs would overheat and catch fire trying to keep up. People would literally die mining. That, and shit would be so slow, nobody would dare use it.







Seriously, nobody knows

BUT if the tether scam implodes before other pegged coins reach similar popularity, it is going to go to $1000 or less for at least 2 years - maybe even lower, nobody really knows how much of the price is propped up by tether insider trading

It has nothing to do with mining difficulty, or Bitmain, or scarcity - tether will either keep us afloat, or murder us for years

brainlet. thr maintaining reserve 1:1 usd. period.

I hope so, retard

Notice I said "if it implodes"


But if you think tether is any less of a scam than the federal reserve, even if it is fully backed, which is incredibly dubious, or that it has ANY place in crypto, you are not going to make it

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Insider here. $100 for most of December. During New year's Eve it'll drop to 80.

$90K EOY



according to TA it's going to drop to about 400

3k after a stunning recovery


As long as this thing doesn't go open source, the blockchain will still have investors. If HG goes open source, it's already sending 250,000 tx/s. Everything about it makes you ask yourself why you invested in these memes. But I'm still a believer in the blockchain and crashes happen.


I think you don't know what you're talking about.

Some Chinese mining equipment has already been moved to Iceland Canada and Hong Kong. If it's banned all of it will be moved to one of them or an alternative place.

3-4k october bottom, 5-6k year end

BTC $18000
ETH $2200

hashgraph will have a public ledger. they'll be doing pre-sale soon.


about 10 bucks

$4000 tops

if tether implodes, btc will rise because of people fleeing tether en masse

11242.88 USD

>XMR being $0

Accredited investors only?

Nobody knows, dumbass. You people are truly a herd of animals.

He is asking the year end price. Pump eet.

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