Chainlink whale here with insider info

Chainlink whale here with insider info.

The reason why Chainlink is low atm is because Chainlink made some serious progress with their B2B. Big investors and whales know this so they try to keep the price as low as possible to accumulate more.

There will be some extremely good news soon, and the price will go up x4 - x5 according to the TA of me and a group of whales.

Do what you must with my information, but think wisely and be ready.

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Thanks, I just assblasted 100K!

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A good thing to think deeply about

Interdasting. Much proof. Very very wow

> insider info
> doen't even know what TA is
Ye, sure.
Gonna buy @ 20c

It is going to ~ 15-20 cents

Fuck off faggot we’re just trying to gamble here we don’t want to think about anything.

Do I have until next Tuesday? Funds transferring atm

Wow a chainlink insider thread, haven't had one of those in about 15 minutes.
I wonder if there is anyone on biz who ISN'T a chainlink insider.

I myself am three chainlink insiders in a trenchcoat.

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TA can predict when good news will come


>good news soon
>so TA says it'll go 4-5x

At least put some effort into your LARPs. TA has nothing to do with news drops.

At learn learn what TA even is before larping ffs. kys


People have been keeping the price down. When it approaches 50 cents huge sell orders go up.

I'm all in with 200k LINK, OP is obviously a larp but thanks for trying to make us marines feel better.


Mike? Is that you?

>whales accumulating
>do what you want with this info
>insider here

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The whales I know say the same thing, expect they're saying $10+ EOM

Don't believe this fraud. He's lying.
I am part of the biggest whale group in the world and I heard recently that Sergey will be stepping down and dissolving the Chainlink project due to a rapidly deteroriating mental state due to frequent abuse.
According to my and whales' TA the price will go down to 1 cent very soon. Watch it.

Do what you must with my information, but I advise market selling. Now.

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I am also part of this whale group and they encouraged members to spread this fud to accumulate at 1 cent.

No you aren't faggot. I regularly drink with every member of the group and there are no pussies in it.

Yeah this guy is lying but seriously hold onto your links, there'a moves being made and this is a serious move in the whole market. Don't believe anyone garunteeing you profits, but use your best judgment in this market.

CL will survive, the other shit Alts will bleed out until they're dead

We true LINKstas all know this and are feelin' good.

Haters 'bout to be BTFO'ed.

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Based Ballerpepe

My group and I also go bowling on tuesdays and we never invite you.

You just want to buy up all my stinky linkies super cheap.

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yes. you have 3-4 weeks

Not an insider here, but I just got out of the psych ward. The adult unit was full so they put me in the retard unit. The hall smells like feces. I met a guy there named Sergey Nazarov. He says he’s building something called ChainLink and he’s cyber Jesus. It will be everywhere in the world and connect all the block chains and connect reality with cyberspace or something like that. He says there’s a cult online that worships him and are waiting for “The Singularity.” I asked him why is he here and he said “the memes, memes are everywhere. The memes are out to get me.” The hospital is the second safest place since there’s no internet. They caught him trying to kill himself to get away from “the memes.” He showed me a cube carved on his wrist in blood. He had cubes all over his body.
When I got out I remembered to check out “Veeky Forums“ I can’t believe this place is real.


> this guy is lying but seriously hold onto your links, there'a moves being made
Hahahaha fuck sake user stop talking shit.

But seriously my whale friends have been dropping big hints about chainlink

you black asshole. you know everyone here is hoarding long term and expects the sun and the moon. this isn't insider info or even regular info.

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I'm the guy who delivers sergey's burgers, so I have real insider info

I had do start wagecucking thanks to Veeky Forums but was lucky enough to be the delivery boy of sergey. He's spending all his money on McDonald's, and eating all day, doing nothing else. You've been warned.

fucker learn to use your enter button from time to time!

Explain to me how you can accumulate large volumes without slippage, i.e. forcing the price up?

>dump price
>stop losses trigger you buy them up
>weak hands panic sell you buy them up
in case you havent noticed, LINK has had 4 times its usual volume the past 4 days

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