World Wide Blackout

ITT we talk about how useless digital wealth and crypto currencies will be after the inevitable blackout of the internet. The stress testing will begin soon and the stand down order has already been issued.

What are your plans for when this takes place?
Do you have any real assets?
Are you familiar with how storage works in a resonant circuit?

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>tfw not having locked in the price before

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truth 1: crypto will be gone then
truth 2: you will have other worries than your scamcoin collection

>I write down my private key
>enter someone who wants to trade with me, shows me their slip with their private key on it
>manually hash out my bitcoin transaction using both keys, if his is fake or doesn't have enough for my request it doesn't work
>4 manual confirmations later I can now use my bitcoins

All it'd take me is a couple days to hash out a block and we'd be squared away.

In a world wide blackout, you better have your guns ready. Because anyone can kill you and claim the house was yours.Almost all assets are global, including ownership.

I miss space dragon posting. The idea of Satan just being a giant thing hanging out in space is so cool. Unfortunately no happenings ever actually happen of course.

>stand on top of a large hill, scream out the TxID and transactions, as well as block # to broadcast it to the network

this is the picture that was blocked by NASA...
anyone know exactly what it is?

>Not using smoke signals in a spaced beacon system to transmit data across the world nearly in an hour

Satan? Extraterrestrial life

It's when you get that gritty taste in your mouth after failing so miserably.

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explain yourself

Slimer from Ghostbusters

Jokes on you, i already lost everything. There's nothing more for me to lose

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>murder went unpunished until electricity and the internet

>he never put it together after things accelerated after Sep 2017

Have fun boyz. You are going to need some padding and a working parachute to survive after this thing blows up from within. Hope you bought the insurance that was offered.

As for the rest of you I haven't heard nearly enough about what your plans are for blackout.

Guns and food will be the greatest assets a man can own. Maybe some Kevlar body armor and defensible positions. Friends and acquantices to enlist in a militia

Believe me when the whole system is collapsing, other murders will be the least of ((their)) concern

back to /pol/ niggers this shit died years ago


Is this what we’re talking about

What would happend if some cataclysm destroyed the world wide electrical infrastructure beyond repair?

just watch one of the many movies with that theme

Something like this might come in handy in a pinch:

have any recommendations

Blockchain a file. We repair the system, we yet again update the file.

However it will take sometime to achieve consensus again.

You are about to find out. There are many out there that keep trying to predict when. They don't have any idea what they are talking about. Do your self a favor and get ready.

These financial bubbles we keep putting ourselves through are merely distractions from allowing it to happen.

Denial in it's purest form.

I'm talking about the more broader consequences of the scenario, wouldn't it in essence puts is back into the medieval age communication wise?
You lost me, how do the financial bubbles related towards a possible destruction of the electrical infrastructure?

" Not certified to stop rifle fire other than .22 Long Rifle and .22 Magnum rimfire."

fuck u user u tryin to get me killed??

Seems you never connected the powa and money dots?

It's for close range user...

"Certified NIJ Level IIIA Stops .44 Magnum, 9 mm high velocity, and lesser threat rounds including .357 Magnum, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP."

please enlighten me user

Financial bubbles are an act of survival for a certain entity. When the poison loses it's affect on the masses (which it is) this entity will most certainly throw the off switch an attempt to re-establish it's illusionary control.

Very similar to when a toddler throws a temper tantrum. The question is will you buy the reason it sells you as to why the electrons stopped flowing? Answering this will help you to understand just how immersed you are in the simulated mind.

it the creatura los diablos
the ultimate space burger

If that would happen shitcoins would be the least of your concerns

mfw keep my trezor in a faraday cage

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>"Certified NIJ Level IIIA Stops .44 Magnum, 9 mm high velocity, and lesser threat rounds including .357 Magnum, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP."

Pussy I have lvl IV stops blacktip armour piercing from 3006. My brass tip slap fucks your vest/plate

Satellites with node software mean that even if the internet goes down people can still use bitcoin.

You are wrong. It will be the same as ever. Food. Food will stop. It is the cull time and the usual year with no summer is coming and they know it. Millions will starve in the cities