This happens every St. Patrick's day

>This happens every St. Patrick's day
>people are just cashing out to celebrate

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>"they" are suppressing the price to buy lower

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>People are cashing out in preparation for April Fools pranks on their family

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Thx just bought a Guiness


>he know

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There a green shortage today

>Strong support at 7740
>Strong support at 7735
>Strong support at 7730


>we are on track

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>it's just the mid march dump

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>miners wont let it fall below 8k

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>it's the build up before Easter Sunday
>the Christian investors will pull out of the market and declare it a bear market for three days only to surge back on Sunday

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great meme

really like the way Veeky Forums has establishmed itself as a meme machine

Unbeatable support at 6000

how can we monetize this

>happens every Gallipoli Memorial Day

So basically, crypto crashes in value whenever people want to actually spend the stuff (via cashing out on the market)?
what a strange currency. Usually it's a GOOD thing when people spend.

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Yes, international woman’s day was a huge red candle for this very reason

can I haz cheezburger?