Justed by ETH thread

Who here is getting absolutely FUCKED by this diamond nigger coin

Holy FUCK this is going to 300 isnt it

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bought at 1320

it was, and remains, overvalued. :^)

i bought at 300 :(

accumulate on the bottom, or "your" bottom
how hard is this
shit is going up again hard, believe it or not

This was my favorite guy

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Bought at 50 and still not feeling good about ETH. Should pick up when POS is upon us.

bought some at 610. im about to get fucked

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its got a long way down to go, all the scam ICOs the last year have to cash out

Bought @ $12. W..will I make it, user?

it is overvalued considering it has no supply cap, and with tighter regs on ICO, more competition from alternative smart contract solutions, and the fact that just 1-2 years ago it was like $1 or under.

ETH doesn't need or deserve a value at over $500 considering its use case. at this point if you bought ETH above $300 you're a cuck.

can't even compare ETH to BTC and LTC, because at least you can buy gold with BTC and LTC is faster and also accepted as payment. Where is ETH accepted as a payment? it's more of a tech, which is headed by a skinny AIDS fag.

reporting in, bought at $280, was up $100k in December but fell for the hodl meme lmao

>bitchass nigga
he deserves to get 100% rekt just based on the way he talks. most likely someone under age 30, who listens to hip hop, and spent all of 2014-2017 jacking off rather than reading up on blockchain.

should've cashed out a long time ago

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>it is overvalued considering it has no supply cap
The supply will always be ~100m, with inflation just low enough to offset burning.

>because at least you can buy gold with BTC
Lol what the fuck? You can buy gold as well as tons of other things with ETH. It makes no sense to say that LTC, a pure currency coin, is better than ETH which is both a currency and a platform. Maybe LTC is faster but ETH transactions are

hurr durrrr

why is ETH getting hit harder than everything else today?

I ask because I accidentally bought some on gdax with all my money (dont ask). Yes, dead serious. and it tanked 5% since. is there a reason its losing even harder than everything else and i should sell? I've been waiting for at least a little spike, holy fuck

Probably because it has done so decently until now. Has to catch up sometime

It's done more than catch up. It's well below its low on feb 6th, whereas bitcoin etc is not even close to that.

ETH is leading the losses

I road this down to today. I bought it and forgot about it for months and checked today on a whim only to see it at 50% lost. Did some TA and verified it with others. This shit is going to 300 and maybe even below that. I ducked out before the 12% loss today but fuck did i get fleeced.

This isn't even my entire stash of Eth, this was just the worst purchase.

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ETH is unironically ded
it's never going to have another ATH
It's probably going to double digits in a month

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Well, at least half of the Alts in the top ten are at ATL since February 6th right now. Look at XLM and cardano. LTC is doing pretty good. Will probably plunge in the next few days to 120.

POS and I'm retired nigga

Oh yeh I know that shit like ADA nad XLM are basically multipliers. But ETH LTC BTC and BCH have all been folllowing each other pretty closely lately. I didn't consider ETH in the same boat as XLM or ADA, since ETH is primarily trade with fiat not btc

I "bought the dip" at $850... It was sure to rebound to $1000+! This was like 2 months ago. FML.

I actually did but sold at a loss at $1275 so it could've been much worse

I bought some of this piece of shit the other day at 588 and it just keeps going down. I don't even want it I just want to use it to buy something else. Sick of this shit.

ETH is all ogre now, srry man

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I am shorting ETH with ETH as funding and I don't know whether to let it ride, or close the position, sell to usd and re open another short ^o) being a tired brainlet is difficult

Apparently this is everybody's first crash. There is still a ton of developers and innovation in the ETH space.

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But muh flippening boys.

I'm so curious what kind of brainlets post things like this

most here simply play casino with whatever coin, they don't give a shit about the tech or applications

Only a brainlet would sell now (and probably at a serious loss). Future Chads are buying these epic low prices. A new generation of ETH millionaires will come by EOY.

I'm emotionally venting

Look up google trends for Solidity and Web 3. Ethereum is just getting started, and unlike bitcoin, the platform is actually worth something more than magic internet money.

Same boat user. I bought this diamond nigger to put in an ico. Moment I bought it it drops my stack by about $100 so I figure okay ill wait it out...it's gonna recover right? right?

I feel your pain man, I did the exact same thing. It's been a learning experience, I've accept that I'm a moron and from now on it's only index funds. I'm too stupid to invest on my own.

>There is still a ton of developers and innovation in the ETH space.
Yeah like "buy this [color/country/animal/city]" games.... eth has no use case. It's done

I never bought into eth. Got into cryptos very late, in December. Luckily I didn't do anything too impulsive. Weighing my options now.

> I've accept that I'm a moron and from now on it's only index funds. I'm too stupid to invest on my own
>eth has no use case. It's done
Lol well at least you know you're retarded

definitely, ETH is totally worth over 50B USD, that's not a retardedly overvalued thing at all

I mean Uber is valued at like, what, 72B?

It's not like Uber is used anymore than ETH, right?
It's not like everyone actually uses Uber and no one uses Eth for anything other than currency speculation, right?
It's not like ETH has literally 0 use cases at the moment, right? Beyond a multi-headed hydra of more ponzi scamcoins, right?

right user?

There's something holding up this market, right?

oh wait


The halvening

This. If there's one thing I learned in this market is that nobody is except from the trend. Just because it's doing well now doesn't mean it will continue to do so. See NEO, VEN, ect. "Top performers" fall just as hard.

This has got to be an easy x2 by end of next week?

It's better than BTC which is valued more than 2x as high. Also better than paypal which has a 92b market cap.

dude it's the quickest coin by far in terms of transaction speed. Pretty much is the entire basis of binance trading. It isn't going anywhere, people need it, and at this rate there isnt a single coin or ICO that could potentially replace it, ETH is here to stay

What are you saying? Researchers and academics have been writing about smart contracts since the 90s. Eth makes it possible. I assure you that you haven't seen anything yet.

so fucking true. smart man
easy money my dude. maybe even a month at the latest tho
newfags listen and lets make Veeky Forumsgreat again

if any of you actually doubt ETHs medium-long term potential, go learn what zksnarks are

then come back here and delete your posts

It shouldn't be as bad as he says, but 2018 will be different than 2017 for Eth. It is starting to have actual competitors, and it is still struggling with some scaling issues, while competitors learned from its mistake and adopted various approaches to not run in the same problems. Ethereum will probably still be dominant at the EOY, but it's market share as far as ICOs and the rest is concerned has no choice but to drop.

Just waiting for that POS to finally come out

>9 months ago
>3 months ago

Is there any ETA for it, or is it still "sometime in 2018"?

POS will actually murder ETH, miners will jump to cryptonite and other algos while ETH whales just get richer

if you wanna make fat stacks, start buying cryptonite coins as soon as eth POS is announced

Decrease in supply means an increase in price. Learn economics 101 retard

You do realize miners dump coins on the market?

ETH will be sub-$100 by June and then EOS will flip it down to nearly 0 as everything merges over.

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>POS is a good thing
Where do I even begin...I don't even care though, at the end of the day you can shill what you like but the big money doesn't operate like you queers and won't throw money at retarded shit. Good luck.

But people don't have a million dollars in assets tied up in Uber

>supply and demand

okay brainlets, if you don't understand that thousand, even hundred thousand dollar investments in mining equipment is what actually has driven BTC and ETH price, you have no hope

>thousand, even hundred thousand dollar investments in mining equipment is what actually has driven BTC and ETH price

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>this meme is my only response to this factual statement about mining whales

hilarious facebook though

if you really think the inverse, Vitalik premined most of the ETH in existence, and it's then basically a ponzi scheme

PoS is objectively more of a ponzi model than PoW, every year you can buy a better entry into the ponzi with better cards, you can't achieve this with PoS

Anybody who isn't big into PoS ETH will move on to other mineable currencies, this is a fact

FUK I've got like 20 lul. This is going to $100. (In which case I will probably buy another 200 but that is story for another time.

i made about $45000 on ETH riding it from $15 to $280

when it went to $1200 i thought about killing myself pretty good but at least i switched over to bitcoin

nowadays i feel retarded for having bitcoin but less suicidal for selling eth

market is getting pretty brutal

Hopefully you for being such a fucking idiotic cunt.

Low teir fud
Money Skelly will smite the non-believers

it held 700 value for so long and now is dropping to catch up with equal altcoin drops. everything is down 60-70% from jan and eth wasnt yet.

This was like 5 bucks a year ago, newfags.

Right? People are enslaved by their emotions its truly appalling. As soon as things stop going their way all common sense goes out the windows and they surrender to defeatism.

I am fucking loving it. ETH community is the worst crypto community there is. Full of smug stuck up faggots. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHH