Music Crash Thread

posts the songs you're listening to as you watch all your holdings crash to zero

pretty comfy listening to this rn

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My brother, come join me
In crashing we are stronger
When BTC will falter
Sacrificed to their altar.

The Classics
music at the end, this kino sums up the delusion really well

Tom Petty- Free Fallin'

Only sadness now...

Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton:

Hurt - Johnny Cash:

Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day:

Creep - Radiohead:

My Immortal - Evanescence:

Mad World - Michael Andrews:

Fix You - Coldplay:

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Let me share some art with Veeky Forums

for those holding:

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el classico


just this over, over and over again

The girl in the music video represents your hopes and dreams.

forget link

Fuck the link. Led Zeppelin - When the levy breaks

The one and only...

Official Veeky Forums theme song, starting at 4:00

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You ever been to the top?

Slayer - Angel of Death

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totally unironically

It all comes crashing down

This has been my office anthem since January.

Traditional brokers fucking hate crypto.
You're all fucking plebs, make way for a TRUE patrician.
>for the HODLERS

Im scared bros

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>Nothing affects me when I'm laying in my six foot hole.

Whole album is much depress such death, bretty gud.

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my nig

>When you get JUST'd so hard it doesn't even matter any more

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hodl, they said

>tfw that song would play every night when i went rollerskating at the roller rink as a kid

>tfw my friend and me would go roller skating every weekend night

>tfw he moved across the country

>tfw the roller rink got torn down a few years ago

now those are just memories....

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I always thought this song was catchy, but pretending it's about crypto gives it a whole new meaning holy shit



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this is a good meme song

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let the bodies hit the floor...

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Fuck I start I haven't heard that song since freshman year of HS.

If only I knew what I knew now. Might have been able to get laid then... Might have been normal...

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i love this masterpiece.

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It's coming bois.

All these utubefgts
anyone else unironically listening exclusively to anime op/ed's

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yes I am only listening cute weeb songs during crashes, it helps me not to kill myself.
"cute weeb songs" are songs like this one (couldn't find it on youtube) or songs from android52 / yunomi / aiobahn

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>metal and rap

Is this board filled with children?

thats cute

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Nothing wrong with either genre. What would you prefer? Fucking indie?

*BRRRR* yes