BTC @ 7,772.46 USD ETH @ 533.57 USD

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alts are getting shafted so hard it's not even funny. which is also the only reason bitcoin isn't at 5k and below. Once alts bleed to ground zero bitcoin is done for

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You should be going all in OP.
ETH is so fucking cheap r now

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>trying to catch a falling knife

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We're only supposed to catch rising knives, right?

>drained my savings to pay bills
>can't even buy back in once it goes back up

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BTC @ 7633.00 USD
ETH @ 520.47 USD

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BTC @ 7580.26 USD
ETH @ 515.05 USD

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strong support at..

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strong support at 4000

Stronger support at 0


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Goodnight, Veeky Forums

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Hold your ETH guys. The flippening will happen soon.

ETH @511

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>According to Fundstrat, the current break-even point for Bitcoin mining is $8,038

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This is really something.

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Btc going to 4k, strap in and hoperully youve been shorting with leverage aince 9500 at least.

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