Stinky Linky $.01 EOY

Congratulations, Veeky Forums. You killed ChainLink with these embarrassing threads where you try to force dubs. They're supposed to come naturally. Forcing price predictions is pathetic, and you are all making fools of yourself. You've destroyed the brotherhood the holders of this coin once had with your terrible memes and intolerable behavior. I'm disgusted with all of you. The way you act here and the way you let it leak into the real world. Absolutely disgusting. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. I wouldn't be surprised if LINK sinks down to $.0001 and stays there because of the type of energy you're putting out into the universe. Everyone hates you. If LINK moons it won't be an underdog story because so many of you are so fucking obnoxious and smug. It's unreal how much I hate all of you for what you've done with ChainLink.

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>Congratulations, Veeky Forums


nigger its too late, its been decided already that stinky linky will 1000 eoy

OP is right. These memes are not good for the instrument short term. Everybody gets it too. You all need to chill your asses in normie space if you want this to play out well for yourselves.


Buy a rope and hang yourself instead of writing your bleeding pussy monologues here..

>implying Veeky Forums controls the markets with memes and dubs

Post you bags so we can laugh and repost it when you've killed yourself.

How much money did you lose on this """investment""", buddy? It's ok champ, you'll make it back!

I bought most of my linkies at 18
It will take a while for it to get that low if it does - and if it does, I cashed out my initial investment long ago anyway. There are no losses for me either way. There is no fud which can touch me, nothing you can do with all of that salt.

thanks, just bought 100k

bought 10k

bought 10

sold 5

bought 2

too much, sold 100k


$1000 EOY


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Why wait? I'll buy yours for $0.0001 right now.

lmao, soon youll be paying ME to get your stinkers

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I had some buys set for like at 3500 sats. I cancelled those, I think link will actually go sub 1000 sats within the year.

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not THAT soon, but linkshits are going some powerful assblasting


How many to make it?

1000 EOY so get like 10k

Why is my email on this thread? lol...