What coins will get me 4x by eoy. have 50k

Anons, give me solid coins that can do 4x by eoy. I need 200k by eoy.
dont shill u r bags, be honest. I know this is not right time for this post. but My instincts telling me we are at bottom , recovery inevitable

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i'm in the same boat. waiting on the dip to finish before throwing in tho.

Theres a lot of FUD and bagholding on this site but ICX and Litecoin i personally think will at least x4

pretty much anything right now as long as BTC decides to go up

> is 7.5k bottom ?

in other words as far as alts go we are currently at all time lows this year, perfect time to buy user


> but how do we know btc go up ? is there a coin that can do 4x irrespective of btc movements.

VEN, feel free to ignore this advice and look back at eoy

I am looking in to it. is it good idea to go all in or spread my 50k in to lets say 3, 4 ,5 coins? usually how many coins you folks considering good spread for 50k?

I honestly beilve and am invested in NANO, ARK, and JNT

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XLM is your safest bet


4x absolute minimum.

not likely, it might short term if BTC stagnates for a while, but as soon as BTC twitches bet your ass that alts gonna get fucked with

but I may not able to buy MN? folks are fudding in flebbit that if u dont have MN not much use to hold this coin

Ven is going top 5

then y the fuck i not put all 50k in btc and go hibernate ?

Lowest node is 6k ven?
It will give you exclusive white list access to all Fortune 500 ICO’s on vechains platform
Easiest flip each time

bigger gains in alts, believe it or not, the biggest gains were not in BTC last year

probably zil or req

>Lowest node is 6k ven?
lets say i bought 6k ven and got MN...lets say i decided to sell later...what is process quit MN?

Unironically req, that's why we gotta keep fudding it so we can buy it cheap as fuck, before the project completes. Imagine gobbling req at 5c

>req at 5c

req at its current price desu

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Would go 50/50 to zilliqa and btc

zil, req, ven ..which one is better in terms of ROI + safe bet out of three?

Get DAG coins. IOTA NANO Byteball XDAG.

If you want to host masternodes then the list looks different.

when is zil mainnet ?

Feb, 2018: Releasing public testnet v1.5 (with basic smart contract support)

Mar, 2018: Releasing public testnet v2.0 (with computational sharding)

Q2, 2018: Launching Ziliqa public mainnet

Q3, 2018: Releasing dApps

Is this a serious question? CoinMetro is an ICO that will go at least 10x I’d say $5€ eoy is a possibility, that’s about a 40x
I’m sitting at 30k xcm, see link in pic for 2.5% bonus.
But yeah, ICOs are where the real gains are and biz knows

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>Q3, 2018: Releasing dApps
any potential partners or dapps they lining up ?

thx user. but after seeing recent ico performance , scared to touch them. how much they raising ?

EOS. Also receive airdrops since projects are incentivized to distribute that way over ICO

If not CoinMetro, take a look at QASH. Institutional money is coming with the next ‘real’ bull run and it’s coming through a regulated exchange with actual liquidity. Dyor but QASH will make a lot of people very wealthy

Reached softcap already and it’s slowed down a lot during this Bearish period. It’s a great idea to invest in exchanges especially normie friendly ones and these guys will have a debit card and the top 100 alts within 6 months. I’m pretty sure debit card will be Visa or MasterCard. Also unsold tokens from ico will be burned which looks like happening. Literally can’t lose on this one

When you think about it, the normies haven’t really arrived yet. Even during the December/jan bull run, only 1% of the population was dabbling in crypto. When Wall st is ready to pump it again, a lot of people are of the opinion it’ll be the biggest pump we will ever see. Normie money will flood into the market via Coinbase and other easy to use exchanges and CoinMetro will shit all over Coinbase in a few months. Can’t fuckin wait

Wysker. Working app, normie friendly and onboarding their ad platform in q4. Only 102m coins and 3m raised for ICO.

Banyan will 50X this year. Screenshot this.

Easy one!!

Ven by far. Actually in use by enterprises and growing fast.


'Zilliqa is a blockchain protocol focused on delivering high throughput—scaling to thousands of transactions per second. Bluzelle and Zilliqa are working together to provide an integrated solution so users building dApps with Zilliqa as the underlying blockchain can use Bluzelle for decentralized data storage.'

NEO also invested in both of them. Vitalik discussed sharding with the CEO of ZIL. At this point, who cares about the price of the token. Care about these groups of teams working together to make crypto a full blown reality.

jnt obviously

Nothing, just sell
The deadline for x nodes which give you exclusive whitelist’s ends On the 20th

Have to have 6k ven in a MEW wallet before than and you qualify

You REQ bagholders have shilled me on it but I still don't see why it won't dump hard after the mainnet news similar to what LINK just did.

Zilliqa and GVT. Screenshot this.