If you haven't been around for at least 66.6% of these, GTFO

shoo shoo

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And it's the second longest one. This chart is one mouth out of date and this is still going on.

>last major crash ended Feb 6 2018
>currently crashing on March 18 2018
Time between dumps is getting shorter. Bitcoin is dead.

I cannot take either of you seriously until you state your percentage. I'm in this long term. I probably have more in liquid assets than you and I started with $280 you useless diseases.

h-how will bitcoin ever recover from this crash!

This time it really is different. The last big crash was nerds getting scared by Mt gox shutting down. It was a small amount of people. There were hardly any media attention or government hearings.
This time an insane amount of normies got burned. There's no one left to pump up the price again. It's no longer nerds playing with obscure monopoly money, now it's normal people.

normal human beans are at steak

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They're going to get burned again, but next time it will be traditional investments.

I remember that november 2013 crash, I thought that shit was hilarious

I'd be very surprised if btc hit a new ath but I don't think it's impossible

normies have been getting burned by crypto for years, I remember reading about people taking out loans to buy btc at $500

Please acknowledge my joke. @

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And you think crypto will be their safe haven? Riskiest investments get sold first that's why junk bonds is usually a good indicator of things soon going wrong. If the stock market ponzi starts to collapse the media will be FUDding crypto with strength the likes of which you've never seen.

Those were nerds too. There was nowhere near this scale of normies getting burned and that's what brings in regulations and kills crypto. Enough retarded normies who invested their life savings crying to the government will bring the wrong kind of attention

you're comparing crashes before Bitcoin hit Wallstreet

this is never going to 100k with all the swaps and fuckery Wall St introduces. It won't happen. Wall street killed Bitcoin

>It's no longer nerds playing with obscure monopoly money, now it's normal people.
> now it's normal people.

>normal human beans are at steak

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>411 days correction
That's such a long time, just thinking about that number makes me depressed

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Excuse me mate, i'm on a bit of a mission here. Would rather you not interrupt this sequence search for approval of mine.

k thx

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The last one isn't over yet.

...I don't get it.

There's always something that's supposed to be the final nail in the coffin, and it has always come back stronger.

Unironically yes, I think crypto will be their safe haven. You have to remember that even after bitcoin crashed 65%, it was up over 550% for the previous 365 days. It won't be everyone's safe haven for sure, but not everyone profits during an economic collapse so that's normal.

That's not very nice and you don't make much sense either. Please consider kys, etc.

that AND considerable amounts have been "invested"/lost - but nah ... let me tell you when btc wuz sub 1000$ because the broader public gave a shit

who knows how this pans out this time

yeah, and don't forget about the human beans that are at steak

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Whats really interesting is if you bought 1000btc at ATH before a crash, you would have 1000btc after a crash.

I thought it was kind of funny, user. Gave me a well needed laugh.

Ya but I bought piece of shit altcoins instead. So now I have 40% the BTC I held before the crash.

You are a hero.

Godspeed user, godspeed to you and all of your gains

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