Post your JUSTfolio

Started at $800

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If (You) started at $800, you're still up ~1365 % idiot. These types of threads are useless and you should feel useless. Like you'd acquire even this pitiful amount of wealth any other way.

>Like you'd acquire even this pitiful amount of wealth any other way.

11k is like 2 months salary dude... and that's assuming you have a shit job


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please tell me it gets better

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started at $30k but lost most of it just from holding. Last month I hadn't sold anything other than selling my ZCL after the snapshot and getting my 5 BTCP. All my holds have been dropping every day since I started in Jan.

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Started with 18k€.

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Surely you mean $3k?

These threads are shit, brag fags posting how they only made 10x instead of 50x. Fuck off already.


Anyone been hit THIS hard?

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I am now at 15k ath was 100k, soo yeah i am close


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Thank you for your money. ;)

It's what I make in a few weeks but it still hurts a bit. I have no time to play with stock trading, just placed it in to whatever Veeky Forums was shilling at the time.

no folio because there is no desktop version, but
initial $3.5k
ATH $75k
current $8k

did you buy bitconnect? wtf man

No, just shitcoins that I didn't bother researching that were shilled on Veeky Forums, many ended up going -90% in no time.

Started out with $150 back in December, reached a peak at around $3k and now we here :)
I only just now reinstalled blockfolio so fresh start

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That's an instant drop, there's literally no way, even if you bought bitconnect. 1/10 larp, you simply deleted holdings from your blockfolio. Try harder next time.

it wasnt meant to be this way mommy

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I fat fingered on etherdelta

This is when you switched over to delta. Started deleting your holdings and then got over it. Now you showing it to us to try get fake pity. You should be ashamed.


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So close brah. You'll be back in half a year.

no its not what the fuck?
have you worked a day in your life?

Hope so bro, at this point seeing as Iv fell for the hodl meme so far, I’m gona ride it down to 0

Back in 1.5 months user

always remember people crashed harder than you. aka me.
you didn't do so bad

Comparing to you all i'm fine

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I was looking at the wrong picture, lol jeez I take back what I said. Godspeed user

The next mission will be worth it at least

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