Capitulation have yet to come I see

Capitulation have yet to come I see

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long term mean is at 2k.

so despair is below 2k.

When the forever ride or die hodlers sell that's the bottom.

We are already way past capitulation

Tell me what makes you think that

This is the denial phase.
>Everything is still ok. There is nothing to worry about. Really.

looks like capitulation has yet to come lol

English have yet to be learn by you I see

We are finidhing capitulation. You are so new to bitcoin if you cant see thar.

Just a month ago we were even lower and yet people are acting like we're at the bottom now rofl

Normies interest dropped af
Look at google statistics

Obvious denial, anything else is denial too proving it further

And that's a good sign, because?
All that mean that new blood isn't coming. Who is going to pump those prices?

LMAO, redditors still hope for a recovery to ATH.

Trusting google

Tbh it will recover but not anytime soon. Not this year at least.

Its funny how this is EXACTLY like a market crash.
We literally go through EVERY STEP on the CHART.

Circular reasoning.

last time we had a great crypto crash it took 3 fucking years for BTC to pass ATH again. normies are going to cry so hard, lmao. can't wait for the massive outrage and the government stepping in to shut the whole thing down "for the good of the peoples".

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Doth thou cometh from the 19th century OP


>market goes up in the most spectacular fashion, 20x gains all around and the most shitty projects get millions in funding
>no complaints
>obvious bubble deflates
>"manipulated market!"

I hate all these fags and I love taking their money.

Edgy content

He who hath wrought upon the skin of lams shall not make hasteful journeyings into the realm of the 19th century