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What's your point OP? Do tell

rip nano

wheres the 100$ end of dec shills at now?

probably at the end of a rope or a bottom of a lake

Repent anons !
Sergey raped us, dumped his bags on us and got his Lambo !
Sell now to show the creep we are not his sheep !
Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh !!!!

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CINDICATOR is such a piece of shit

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wow that is one stinky ass coin OP thanks for warning us

i have 2 eth shold i buy nano? i know nano is a memecoin that will get destroyed but it always seems to go back up

Check out the order book no one but bots are selling. Hence marketcap is a meme newfag.

I notice that NAS looks very undervalued right now

The difference is not everything will pump back up when bull run comes again. Chainlink will go up and other obscure alts won't be heard of again

I notice you follow daily graphs. What's that like?

Keep dropping link. I get my bonus soon. I thought I was going to able to buy 10k but it looks like I can get 20k

This. When will newfags learn?

How do you know bots are selling

We care NOT. We proud linkies WILL be millionaires. So many people can not be wrong at the same time. This is the theory of majority.

150mil$ for an erc20 token...undervalued...

T-Thousand EOY?...Right?...

i actually think it will be 100 eoy still.

Yeah but you're retarded and no one cares what you think

remember when icx was in the top 10?

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I want to buy some Link, right after Tron is done doing its thing this week.

So is chainlink officially done for?

I get my check on friday, wanted to put 100 dollars into memelink but if its that bad then...

yes, im invested in 3 of them

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chainlink will be the new ARK, dumps and never goes anywhere

Kek. Nano is still above $6. Without that fake coinbase rumor, would already be under $2.

I hope you all know Nano is pointless. Blockchain dPoS sales and feeless coins already exist! Steem is feeless, processes millions transactions every day, and has been stress tested at couple of thousand TPS. There is literally no point to Nano's existence and it is solely sustained by hype and ignorance of redditors

Yes user, buying link low is a terrible idea. Wait for it to go up, then buy it.