/d/ here

/d/ here
Were LMAOING at your life

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what is with /d/ and that disgusting crossdressing faggot


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went 2 d first time in years of being on pol fit and biz. its horrific cancer. kys

Everyone else is LMAOing at you faggots though, so it's all good

You think we aren't used to this?

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ew why would you bait like this when you already know that everyone thinks hentai fags are losers and don't respect them or their opinions?

>half of /d/ is fart threads
>half of Veeky Forums is fart threads
why the hate brother?
we're practically the same

You don't accept furries like we do.

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now imagine if there were no fart threads at all
how good both boards would be

I like the gentle femdom threads.

Yes, i get it, he is very very cute and i would suck his dick and let him fuck my ass, what else you /d/ faggots want from me?

/d/ may be the place to find the most horrifying animu porn, but at least they actually have useful content if that's why you want. Veeky Forums on the other hand...

Veeky Forums told me about nano when it was $1, Veeky Forums told me to jump ship to chink scam that is ven, Veeky Forums told everyone to buy btc and eth, Veeky Forums is right now shilling like mad its pyramid that is gaining traction every day, what else do you fucking want, a link thread or what?

It's like the 6th pyramid to get significant amounts (4 of which closed/hacked with major losses to everyone) It's a pajeet honeypot.

JUST read a fucking smart contract, its literally 800 lines long with half of it being explanation of what it actually does.


I would unironically suck her dick

You mean his dick. Faggot.