Daily reminder that no matter how much you've lost, as long as you remain in crypto, you are going to make it

Daily reminder that no matter how much you've lost, as long as you remain in crypto, you are going to make it.

Daily reminder that crypto represents the largest transfer of wealth in human history, and it hasn't even started yet. user, you haven't discovered a cheat code. You've discovered the future of the human race. Yes, you are early enough. Yes, you will make it. Yes, you will look back on the pain of your losses and feel real, genuine pride that you made it through.

Daily reminder to look forward, not back. Don't give up, don't opt out. A lot of you haven't known enough goodness to believe it can happen to you. I'm here to tell you that it can. And it will. Your worst mistakes will be nothing more than pebbles strewn along the beach that will be your life. And your children's life. And their children's life, too.

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If you have the resolve to hold cryptos for 5 years, then yes, you will make it. Be sure to have a diversified portfolio though.

t-thanks user

>says nervous, sweating man for the 50th time this month

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I had a diversified portfolio but after this crash in crypto I've been able to sell my stocks for USD. Now I'm just waiting for some a reversal confirmation and I'll be all in.

I have thrown 6k at crypto, not for the gains, but for the chance that it turns into a main form of exchange in future, so I'm not completely poorfag then.

The diversified portfolio meme only exists for pretty much those who actually hodl for years. Many shitcoins (or even bigger coins) will die in the starting low-period.

that's a whole new level of delusion

op i looked on reverse image search but i couldn’t find out exactly where she’s from. pls help

I’m holding I lost a lot but I’m not giving up!

Yep. I'm just buying the big guys like mad, especially Eth. I don't need a Lambo for 5 years. Patience is a virtue.

it isn't a meme lol... if you aren't diversified, you're just gambling.


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that drawing one of the cutest heart warming and pleasing things that ever came out of /a/, i just want to hug her and stare at red candles all night long while shitposting on 4chins


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t. bagholder

Daily reminder that you're a delusional idiot that is hoping his make-believe money is going to be the future.

Crashes like this purge the filth, its lovely.

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> 5 years
If you look at the roadmaps and the partnerships of big projects aiming to disrupt and improve major economic sectors then you'll realize it will take 2 years at most, and 1 year at most until crypto mcap is above 20tn, and this is assuming bitcoin dies and no crypto token or currency gets widely adopted for payments.

This. LINK mainnet is coming out this year and it'll revolutionize insurance, securities, derivatives and the legal sector.
If you think that's nothing and crypto is dead you're a braindead norman and you deserve all your losses.

Where can I have more info on this? Specially on the LINK mainnet thing.

I bought some for the memes but now it's so cheap I want to be informed before buying.

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link is literally dead memecoin, sergey hasn't touched github for months

Sell while you can, only delusional bag holders will remain. Most of them will eat a shotgun barrel sooner or later. This shit is fucking dead and going down hard

wtf sold 100k link right now.