From 1.04 btc to 0.11 btc. $15,5k to $817. How's your portfolio doing?

From 1.04 btc to 0.11 btc. $15,5k to $817. How's your portfolio doing?

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my portfolio is only worth 15% what it was at the ath, im also well under my initial investment.

16.5k at peak to 6k now

Did you get on a shitcoin pump and then never sold after the peak?

$2k - $500

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14k to 2k. :(

All-in on DBC, the coin that has dropped the most in value of all coins. Was going toto tether up ATH but there were too much fud at the time. Feels bad.

That's nothing.
>0,221 now
>started with 3.5

250k to 60k. JUST

7 btc to 5.5 btc. Tethered @8200 waiting to buy

how is this even possible

That's fucking painful, tell us how it happened

sold everything in january
lost only ~20% from the ath

2184 USD to 182 USD

0.4 btc at ath, 0.4 still now. just hodl

>tethered at 17k
>told my brother to do the same
>he refuses
>down to 8k
>now hes asking me for money

still got my 300k in tether, waiting for true revseral

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5400$ to 860$ :D *clap clap*

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Honestly my real life is now at the phase of Kaiji where his fucking fingers are cut off.

Next big drop in crypto will be equivalent of me having to wagecuck in some mine.

55k peak 16k now.

ath: $10k (jan 5)
current: $1.5k

360k to 140k. I hope you faggots do something productive with my money/

I don't understand tether, where's the advantage to fiat?

£680k ath - 180k now :(

bitconneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeect / xvg / xrb

Started with $4,400.

Now have $13K

HODL = morons

$3.7k to 1.4k. My initial was at first $700 but I "bought the dip" at 8k, making my initial 2k.

10k to 2.5k and falling

Crossing 50% losses now

up 4x from initial
down 65% from ATH

I've been thinking the same thing. I even had the same amount of money Kaiji would have won from that bet (120 million yen = ~1.2M).

Are you me

155 to 99.

10k to ~3k right now

changing to tether is much faster and cheaper than actually converting to real fiat (coinbase fees)

if you need to change back to btc again, you pay less fees on that too

2.5k to 21k. Bought in December at ATM. Day trading all alt coins all pairs all day everyday faggots

from 1100$ to 330$
not bad

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$33k to $7k

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Very impressive, did you have prior experience?
In a market like this noob daytraders all get slaughtered.

75k to 16.5k

He just sold at the peak.. what a faget. No balls. Real men are in red :D

I’m a software engineer. I’ve built tools to alert and predict price movement 24/7. The tool is called Bogs. I literally get a text in the middle of the night altering me to sell from Bogs.

2k initial
26k ATH - cashed out 15k during January dip, Leaving 4k to roll

715 dollars as of right now.

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$1.6k to $360. Well, there goes my vacation this year

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$120k to $30k

Neck myself

That's awesome.

90k - 8k

Stfu larping faggot

From $450 to $190
Literally never saw a profit. Just wanted to make some money on the side from crypto so not entirely crushed, just disappointed

Very cool.

From 26k to 6k. Don't know how much longer I can hold on guys. Feels like crypto is over.

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$32k > $8400

I've rode 2 moon shots in the past and now i'm back to only x2. The fuck am I doing.

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Dumbest motherfucker in this whole pathetic thread.

Cash out, you idiot. While you still have a chance. Tether is officially a ticking time bomb.

Safe in fiat

$350 to $195 and dropping.... oh but my stocks are doing great. Up 64% and dividends couldn't be sweeter.

Kek well played user.

From a 800% gain to a 50% loss.

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$140k ATH, $80k now.

$2k invested.

Yeah, we aren't even close to capitualtion. In a downtrend just tether up or at least move to Bitcoin, how hard is that? Don't stay in your biz-shitcoins, lol.

dont give him a single unit
maybe then he will learn

Not selling like a fucking idiot. Holding is a meme.

i'm starting to understand the drop. Retards who have been liquidated and literally don't have money to punt anymore because they either have to wait for a few months to save up again or literally wasted their parents money.

£70k ATH
£30k Current value

Not that bad, my BTC value is near ATH

From 400$ years ago to 100 000$ to 34 000 $ now.

In lisk from ico to until now.

Invested $15k in fiat. Am at $2k now. Crypto is fucking over, how can anyone think they'll get rich with this shit anymore? Fuck.

are you me?

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i'd rather hold btc to 0 than hold tether, do yourself a favour and dyor usdt

Still holding all that COSS brah?

1750$ to 821$
I'm not selling though, I should have some when my gut feeling told me 11$ would only come with another dip.

Lol. Mine went from $1200 to $500.

I guess if i was as crazy as you bastards i should be $10 left but im not a trading low degenrate like most of you fucks in here who run on emotion trades

cheers guys
slowly starting to accumulate again

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Started off with 1k in BTC in 2013 before the crash and forgot about it til mid last year. Traded and icoed got me to 110k ATH but only cashed out $10k and about $20k left in crypto.. Gambling with other people's money atm.

7k to 1100

BTC to 4k, enjoy the sale

Sold my 25btc at 18k last year. Bought property immediately. You guys are brainlets and deserve to lose money.

Started with 2k have maybe 10k now. Very bad consider i bought januar 2017

Damn i wish I saw that thread back in December.

60% down initial investment. Justed

Holding just alt, from 1550 to 320 Eu

I'm a shill and no the masses are really moving in

Peaked at $165,000
$25,000 now, with $60k in USD on the side figuring out when to buy the bottom.

8k ATH to 5.5k now, it hurts knowing I could have made money by shorting.

yeah i could have warned vitalik about that paper cut

Show me your bags.

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7k to 1.5k

$1k to $11k to $2250


about the same 3 btc to .03

stop playing with shitcoins and getting your fingers burned

ATH 33K, sitting on 15k, pure profit i withdrew my 2K initial when i hit 12k on the way up

70k to 10k

$400,000 to $100,000

45k to 2.5k (January to now)
I have been hiding in my room and smoking weed all day for months. I'm not gonna make it. This was my last chance at making it and I failed. Others succeeded, but it turned out I was just grease for the machine.

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i said 'tethered' but what i really meant was changing it to AUD (im in australia) in a fiat exchange i use. i said tether to simplify it.

either way i have 300k usd (or 420k aud) sitting there in my account, ready to reconvert back to btc, or transfer to my bank account at any time

hes too far gone
'id rather hold till 0 than sell'


>2.2mil to 540k
Just kill me

$9.8k ath
$1.4k now
Kill. Me.

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I guess we just have to wait for a couple of years.

>$18k ATH
>$2k now

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you are me, and I am you

I can't feel my legs!

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