50k $ETH was deposited on Bitfinex 12 hours ago coming from the $EOS crowdsale.


This is the only ICO we know of. Others dumped. Other will dump soon.


>mfw "$10 by EOY" meme was just 1 year off

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What are you even saying

EOS dumped/will dump their ETH. It's not the first and certainly won't be the last.

ETH won't hold the #2 spot for too long.


Ether is a ponzi scheme. Now there are no new ICOs and the old ones continue cashing out.

Problem being that the whole market will also drop when all the Ico founders drop hundreds of thousands of ETH

t. delusional mETH head .

ETH is taking the biggest hit.

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Sure is fun watching ETH collapse while out of town and with only my cell phone. All my ETH is on my ledger.

Even if the market recovers, eth won't fully recover because of the ICO crackdown. Only retards won't sell all or a significant amount of their ether. If you love ether so much you will be able to buy back cheaper.

But that’s exactly the point of every ICO, to sell crypto for fiat to pay salaries buy tech and shit like this.
Are you retarded?

EOS is a scam, what else is new

Yeah, EOS is such a shitcoin

this is just the beginning of the flyppening where EOS dumps their hoards of ETH and crashes it to nothing and then takes over in June

does anyone know the total market cap of all ICOs?

Basically what Mt. Gox is doing, but now it's the EOS ICO scammers trying to cash out. That's why ETH is so much more fucked than anything else. It's all coming together now.

So eos is a scam because they're selling their ethereum in order to fund their company? What? You realize that you can check their wallets and see them sending eth to exchanges on a daily basis? What the fuck do you think they're going to do with it, hodl to the moon? Fucking retard

Holy shit you people are retarded

all these
>erc20 token ethereum killer lol
retards are about to realize just how stupid they were when they get dumped on

ETH getting rekt thanks to their condescending nature of allowing ERC-20 token scams. Well deserved

at what price did you lock in?

Hmm, so you saying they dump their crowdfunded eth and run away with the money? Are you saying all eth tokens are going to be worth 0?

>Are you retarded?

no, but you clearly are. Dumping all at once causes long lasting damage to the price.

holy fuck you are retarded

they have the right to sell their eth. no one is questioning that. no one is calling them scammers for that. we are talking about the EFFECT of the dump.

>Its a good play Buck, but will it work

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They're not dumping it all at once. Their wallets show them sending large amounts to exchanges every day. You people are pants on head retarded

You should pick btc up there to see only the btc value

Their dump won't affect anything in the long run because ETH is superior to EOS. They actually have very similar long term goals, EOS just chose to go with a more centralized consensus algorithm in favor of more tx/s. ETH is looking like it will be able to achieve a suitable tx/s without sacrificing decentralization. Solidity isn't great but both EOS and ETH will rely on WASM to get multi-language smart contracts.

>the absolute state of ethcucks


>I found a large sell order

meh, cardano will provide scalability and decentralization. eos is a dead man walking

they're doing it everyday isn't that suspicious??
muh they need to fund company every day

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Now this is what I call
Correct me if I am wrong.
-50% will drop untill tommorow !!

>t. not intelligent enough to provide an argument

Sold 4.5 ETH at 470

fuck it

Always lock in the price for maximum safety

Ada and eth both require transaction fees. That means that in order for someone to use a dapp they have to go to coinbase, buy gas, learn about wallets, set one up, send it there, and repeat the process every time they run out. And every time they want to interact with an app they have to think about how much or will cost. I don't think you realize how much of a massive barrier this is for mainstream adoption. Eos will allow normies to use apps without having to understand anything about the underlying technology or worry about usage fees. This is why steemit is the only blockchain that's actually used outside of speculation. It's the only one normies can use with our jumping over hurdles.

mtEOS hey hey hey

EOS transactions aren't really free, the devs have to be staking EOS to have it work. So once Ethereum allows smart contracts to pay for the gas of users, it will be effectively the same thing.

Yes, hosting an app will cost money similar to hosting a website and paying for webservers. You don't ask a user to pay Google 2 cents for every search query. No one would use Google if it worked like ethereum.

>So once Ethereum allows smart contracts to pay for the gas of users, it will be effectively the same thing
But how many apps will actually do this? And unless they implement pos by this summer they'll be obsolete before it matters. Ethereum is still slow as fuck, doesn't allow you to write apps in normal languages, and doesn't have parallel processing.

>But how many apps will actually do this?
Every app that wants something resembling free transactions.

It's easy to criticize Ethereum but they're getting close to good scaling solutions. The current version of sharding is capable of over 1k tx/s. There's still a lot of room for improvement but it's still some of the best tech that's actually out so far. You're assuming that EOS is 100% going to be flawless upon a summer release but none of that is a given. Delays happen constantly in crypto.

Sure, it's still all speculation. But based on what I've seen with the test net and Dan larimirs previous projects, and the fact that vitalik himself said sharding will take years to implement, I'm putting my bet on eos.

Dan Larimer's previous projects are part of the reason I'm avoiding EOS, because he's as important as Vitalik in terms of being a figurehead but he has a history of leaving for newer projects.
Yeah sharding is just one of the multiple scaling solutions they have planned. Plasma cash is intended to go live sometime this year and that should help speed up the network significantly.

>Hurr durr the currency used in trading between exchanges/wallets is never going to recover because muh shitcoin which relies on ETH will take over

can you give a brainlet a tl;dr on this pls?

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Steem and bitshares seem to be doing fine without dan. Burn the fact is that part of the reason he's developing eos is so that he can build all his future projects on one platform.

>Bankex has plasma.

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Eos fags are idiots. Eth won't win either. Xrp or xlm will win. This is obvious to anyone who isn't an idiot.

>muh jew token
>muh 3rd world nigger token

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>non-Turing complete smart contracts will win
Ok then

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It's a bunch of smart contracts which will manage child-chains to help ETH process transactions faster. Plasma transactions will be local to their own smart contract instead of being broadcast to every node. The end user won't really care about any of this. it's just something that will allow dapps to have more tx/s and it will clear up the tx pool.

lol you're so naive user

tx's from child-chain smart contracts are broadcast to the whole network? am I understanding that right?

from the whitepaper: As only merkleized commitments are broadcast periodically to the root blockchain (i.e. Ethereum) during non-faulty states, this can allow for incredibly scalable, low
cost transactions and computation.

Seems like it will occasionally commit batches of transactions to the network.


I didn't realize that alt tx was recorded to the ETH blockchain every time. That's crazy, no wonder people talk about ETH's scaling problem.

do you know of a blockchain that doesn't do that? Until now the only exceptions I know of have used off-chain solutions which are pretty controversial.

I just didn't think of the implication of ETH running dapps means that they use the ETH chain for their tx.

Makes sense now though, thanks.


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is this on google sheets?

EOS is trying to compete with ETH, so wouldn't it make sense to dump their competitor's coin?

You might as well post the winklevoss/ver wallets and FUD about how much BTC they have to dump as well.

Found it on Twitter

Isn't this just how ICOs operate? Raise money in ETH, then sell the ETH for fiat and pay developers/marketing/etc ?

Yes. Itt we learn that ethcucks don't understand how their own investment works

nearly everything is outperforming eth

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eos dumped by the same %, so why eos faggitos are so excited about?

You must be retarded if you think that's the same

It's not exactly the same but it's similar. They're all people who are bullish on a crypto and could theoretically sell if they were afraid it would fall lower.

If these ICOs had any faith in the underlying tech they would be paying their employees with crypto and not cashing out. crypto believers hypocrisy

Someone once offered me a programming job that would pay in their shitcoin and I promptly declined their offer and left. No developer with any self worth would work for something as volatile as cruptocurrency. The only companies that do this are ones with no capital who are scraping the bottom of the barrel for devs.

Yeah, and then the developers die of hunger because they have to wait till mass adoption reaches the supermarket next to them.

I wouldn't work for just cryptocurrency, but I would take a job with a mix of local fiat and crypto.

I see receiving payment in crypto as not being entirely unlike receiving stock options for working at a start up.

Only would work with base salary in FIAT and bonuses in crypto.

That's common for a lot of icos. But you can't just tell someone they're working for 10,000 shitcoin/month as their salary

As a programmer the only smart contract platform that I find appealing is Cardano/Plutus. Strictly typed, pure, functional - that's what I expect from a modern financial programming language. Unfortunately my optimism for Cardano died after pic related.

In any case,

>EOS - C++

>ETH - Solidity
Fuck no

Are there any others I should be aware of?

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They're all early stage products at the moment. Solidity isn't perfect but it won't matter once you'll be able to write smart contracts in any language that compiles to WASM.

Solidities main puirpose is to be deterministic. how can "any language compilable to WASM" achieve that?

tau-chain or somesuch might interest you

is solidity turing complete? doesn't that mean it's non-deterministic by default?

Heard of Tezos? Michelson/Liquidity should please you.

holy kek were close to 300 usd eth...back to october prices, people got justed..
havent been looking at charts for a while

>doesnt like C
Opinion discarded. Every piece of infrastructure software that you use runs on c/c++ and there is a reason for this.


>unaware that Haskell influences C++11
kys brainlet

The hell does that have to do with anything? Haskell is 10x slower than c++ and 50x more memory inefficient