>go to bakery
>try to pay with fiat
>"aww sorry we don't take fiat anymore"
>cashier points on a sign with a qr code
>"pls pay with your lightning app"
>pull out my phone loaded with 4btc @ 1.5 million USD / each that I bought for 4k in 2017
>payment is instant and costs 0.0001$ fee

This is the future

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Fuck yeah user. Gonna be good times.

>it costs $50 to create a payment channel
>spend $55 to get a cup of coffee

>pays with btc
>fee is in $

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>"aww sorry we don't take fiat anymore"
are you saying fiat is going to be worthless in 2022?

HAHAHAHAHA Hal is laughing at you

>Payday comes
>Boss informs me that company wasn't able to afford any BTC to pay employees with.
>Vote for political candidate that promises to execute all shitcoiners
>street runs red with blood of cryptofags
>Veeky Forums returns to original form of a custom beer koozy rating board.

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Appeal to authority fallacy.
Except forbes isn't an authority. It's a shitty dinosaur magazine that has been forced, by millennial soy boys, to compete with buzzfeed.

So if fiat is going to be worthless and BTC is going to be worth 1.5 million USD, that means BTC is going to be worthless as well.
What coin should I invest in then?

we're almost there boys... almost there... just gotta keep holding.. strong hands boys...
>loads shotgun
We're all g-gonna make it, right? We're all gonna be rich. Lambo land..
>Aims at head, cocks the hammer
Soon guys, just hold, just hold, we're gonna make it.
>Pulls the trigger

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1.5million from what USD is worth today.

> wake up from your dream on a piss stained piece of cardboard which you use to sleep on.

>pic related

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Can't sell if you are dead

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It's cute that you still think there will be cashiers in the future.

>btc in 2022
lmao poorfag

Damn man, if your buying expecting fiat to be useless in 2022, your beyond fucked

How many kringles for a crompet?

At that point they'll stop printing fiat and fiat will be the new btc

Crypto is kill. It was a typical 2017 thing. Normies are sick of it. It's not coming back. The end.