Sold it all

Fucking scamcoin

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Pump it and paint a bull flag...

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You guys have no attention span. This is actually a solid fucking hold.
>Hurrr muh coin won't moon I've had it for two months what's goin on?

>sell low

Great. You are a very good investor. Keep doing this fine job.

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bitch, it will go down even more. What a brainlet.

LMAO. Get the fuck off this board you fucking retard.

>Well it's going down so I might as well sell before it goes lower.

Just fucking wait for the bull run you twat.

Why didn't you sell it on the lastest pump from $6 to $17? You deserve this for your stupidity. Going back under $2. still x300 from where it was 5 months ago.

These are the kinds of posts that let you know when it’s time to buy. They become prevalent near the bottom, just before a big pump. Works almost every single time, and workes last time with Nano too.

and this is the post where smart anons google Raiblocks and see all the shit that's happened with them the past year. node-syncing issues, double-spending, being delisted from multiple exchanges in the past, biggest hack of 2017, (10% of coins stolen), and of course, the name change to shed the truth about said shitcoin....and most recently, FAKE coinbase rumor spread by faggot development team, but ignore all that anons, buy more NANO!!!

literally everything you listed other than one hack, which wasn't even close to being the biggest hack of 2017 and has absolutely nothing to do with the coin and everything to do with some faggot italian scammer, is 100% false made up FUD from Veeky Forums. Show evidence of double spending, node issues, and mass delistings, and we will all sell... but you can't show that evidence because you were a retard pajeet and listened to Veeky Forums

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Realtalk thinking of buying more NANO at the bottom to sell on the rebound. I have no idea why but especially lately NANO behaves differently in this market than many alts. Last time BTC dipped hard, NANO shot back up incredibly quickly and actually rose in fiat and sats while BTC dropped over several days, this has happened more than once

If you don't know that XRB was delisted from multiple exchanges before 2017 and that its literally years old, I'm not going to help you. This evidence is easy to find, and you have invested in something you have not researched. Good luck with your position user. I hope you make it.

I bought at exact 90k sats thought it was the dip.

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Maybe cos the dev sounds like a business owner and not an infomercial host like other crypto idiots.

so you missed out on buying it at 150k sats? fucking retard...

rebbiit, which is the main community for nano,
scrubs all bitgrail threads now. Unless some of those losers go rogue and pull something malicious off (obviously highly unlikely) this will have zero effect going forward, let alone the other issues.

ive bought into all the nano fud and still think holding things that have no reason to be held is dumb long term but nano always seems to bounce back quite hard... Idk may pick up a few thousand

because nano is the most scalable crypto out there

Very good, you're right. So, when the price goes deeper, you sell more and more. Then don't forget to buy it again when the price hits the top.

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Good job OP, I did the same yesterday.
Dev team are acting like TRON now.

> Announces a roadmap, but doesn't deliver.
> Spread false coinbase rumors with a picture.

Besides, the community is disgusting. Fucking reddit chads acting like this coin is the rebirth of Jesus. And they are invading Veeky Forums. Goddamnit, they are already here.

Most scaleable currency
No timestamps
No history

Muh 12% stolen supply

Node still does not sync, just download a file from yandex bro

Thanks for selling the bottom and initiating the pump, user.
Let me know when you FOMO back in, so I can sell.

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Congrats on selling the bottom