Be no coiner

>be no coiner
>thinking about crypto
>want to research it before getting into it
>periodically check prices, maybe once a week or so
>check today
>BTC is at like 7k
>LINK is at like 34 cents
>All of a sudden it feels pretty damn good to be a no coiner.
Sucks to be you guys.

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only if youre retarded and bought at ATH like a normie, im still 10x up at the bottom
should of been smart enough to buy early
ill be a multi millionaire in three years
sucks to be you

Please. You post this in every thread.
Everybody knows you are fucking lying.
Everybody knows you bought at 19k
Nobody believes your lies
Not only are you a retard but you are also a pathetic pathological liar.
Just an hero already. We're tired of your shit quality posts.

>be no coiner
>see price tanking
>ignore chance to buy it at a discount
>smugpost on Veeky Forums
>monday starts
>"would you like fries with that?"

nice cope dude
whatever you need to tell yourself for missing the biggest and easiest market of a lifetime

You missed it too. The bull market is long over and, like a retard, you didn't sell at the peak.

> bull market will never return

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what is the rationale for cryptos never bouncing back again?

There's no new money left.
Normies fomoed in at 15k and panic sold at 10k.

thats why you dont buy shitcoins retard, buy ones that are going to have intrinsic value and actually adopted by fortune 500 companies
omg, ven, eth

not fucking meme coins like link and req

>bought in july which is late relatively
>already cashed out 5x initial investment
>$30k still in crypto even after crash
>even if all crypto went to zero I'd be up over $40k

lmao @ no coiners.

>thinking a speculative computer currency follows the law of the standard markets

oh you poor fucking soul

>bought AMZN, GOOG, TSLA and NFLX stock 3 years ago
>still holding
>mfw check the price a few times a year
>mfw making solid gains without being paranoid about a volatile dump like crypto-shits

feels nice to be in on a real market

oh sweetie, its okay
not everyone can be successful

>t. boomer

lmao if you bought bitcoin three years ago you'd literally be a fucking billionaire.

>>All of a sudden it feels pretty damn good to be a no coiner.

Perfect time to buy though.

>Check Robinhood
>120% gains past year
>Check blockfolio
>2500% gains past year

Feels good to be in both markets

I bought the top in april 2013, no need to sell just yet. I just wish I had bought more.


>There's no new money left.
the amount of money that was in crypto even at ath is like 0.000001% of the total global market
whoever says there is no new money is a total retard and deserves their losses


What are you talking about? Now is the perfect time to get in. Everything is low as fuck.

No coiners. Silently angry until it dips. Need confirmation for their weak will to dare a risky investment. Enjoy your burger flipping, you never amount to anything.

Its hilarious knowing BTC is still well above 5x YOY but they brag about 50% gains in cherry picked stocks.

>imagining all the people who bought at 19k

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Whew, you almost bought into a tremendous dip. Close one, huh!?