Guys, guys...

Guys, guys. Do you think chink mining cartels will start killing each other to keep mining costs down if price goes bellow 6k?

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Interesting thought

the rest of his porn is super gross. dude doesn't pass at all. that's a man ass.

just saved it from Veeky Forums i don't even know his name

I dont care
Link me the full set dirty curry eating pajeet


I’m gonna fuck him.

Bro, when did traps become a thing? I never saw them before coming on this god forsaken site. Are they mainstream? Is gen z actually this fucked?

She has a large vagina.

You want one don't you. Me too. Women have crashed in value, so now men with girly asses are queens.

It's just a puffy vulva

Not even gay, but s(he) is perfect

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Men with girly asses is the new crypto.

Reminds me of Putin.

same time emos become a thing, except emos died and traps remained

To fuck a girl; You need to be tall, have abs, have car, pay for the dinner, pay for her expenses, deal with relentless bitching. Then maybe, just maybe you can fuck her in the pussy once a month.

Or you can get a trap, they are as horny as you, are outside of societies constructs and you can literally fuck and move on.

what's her fucking name? image search doesn't give shit.

I will never fuck a trap, traps are fucking gay.

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a cuter version of Vlad

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yeah checked and he better put mask on his face, but this one image is pretty good

I have a super girly ass. Am I valuable?

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Visceratio - Instagram

Or simply pornhub

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if its you on that pic then yes

I remember seeing this video.
Anybody got a link to it?

I would only fuck (he)r mouth while she vibrates (he)rs peni(clit).

>Ugly starbucks looking kid


Post more so we can tell you

VicaTS and Mia are much much hotter

But you would be a cousin to fuck for a cuck.

If you put on a dress and some cute socks then yes

Nah, das not me, but this is actually me.

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If you wore a cute outfit maybe.


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6.5/10(maybe even 7) great potential but needs some workout
now show benis

Why is her pussy so large?

btw making trap thread was not my intention

>Needs workout

I bet you're a fat fuck.

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>making a trap thread was not my intention

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go on hrt, balls are disgusting.

Like day and night.
Mirin that backsack tho

>I bet you're a fat fuck.
173/62, that would be 5'8 and i have no idea how much that is in lbs
cute benis, ankles are wierd though

Who's paying?


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honest to god i wanted to shitpost about crypto

I'm actually 120lbs 5'6


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too skinny. You have a weird as fuck physique.


Spread it

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I'm just a dude, dude.

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>fiboipucci recursion

get a fatter butt and thighs

>twinky body
>square jaw
we can't all win

More ass pls

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But that's gay.

Take hormones and put on a cute outfit then we'll talk.

Donate some eth and I'll be able to eat more owo, I do keto, so I ain't putting on weight any time soon.

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sk8boarding makes your ass and thighs thick bois. get shreddin

yeah you're literally a skelly which is wierd since you have higher weight/height ratio than i do
workout a little or something
show hair, looks cute from that pic

Do you feel in charge?

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The future is bright.


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Same chick? Name anyone?

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I can't really put on weight, I feel skinny, I don't really wanna be skinny, but I eat nothing but meat, eggs, stuff like that, not enough veggies; though I supplement selenium. No sugar, borderline paleo.

Also, >showing your face on biz

I'm not a larping nazi chaddy daddy.

ya'll are gonna burn in hell
not even joking

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I'm gonna fuck you first

They still have time to save their souls user

Not if I fuck him first

don't forget you have to take care of her kid too

The only way to be a manlet with confidence is to be a trap/soyboy that hides behind their hair.

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>72 replies
i swear mods are jacking off to this dude, i can't really explain any other way why this thread still alive

oh, you're one of those mong-looking traps. twinky body but masculine caveman face. interest lost. into the trash you go.

I'm flattered if they are. I'm just a dude, dude.

>implying those aren't the best to hate fuck

I don't have a fucking caveman face, I get denied access to bars despite my ID, it's a fucking nightmare.

Pos boipuxci

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I'm saving it all and once you make it in crypto i will blackmail you with it so you will let me suck your dick. No homo dude.

they're disgusting imo

i can see your long jaw and prominent chin mate. dropped.

>they're disgusting imo

Ignore the straightfag's unreasonable standards. He doesn't actually like men, he's just desperate, and his opinion is irrelevant.

I have a shota chin, I am a boy, dude.

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>not fantasizing about these two being your cumsluts

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>too skinny
Found the nigger

Pic related

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>No dicks
no thanks

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This is gonna be you in a few years

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True shit mayne
You're qt as fuck btw

Maybe. But I went out with a trap and got cucked quickly. Traps are worse than women, they're nothing but eternally horny, unloyal, unproductive hedonists that will never grow up.

I'll find a qt tradthot one day. Until then, I gots to make money.

oh cmon we both know it will look better than that


I don't particularly find getting my cock gagged on by a manly dude attractive, at all. If you do, you have a mental illness.

At the very fucking least, I only like and appreciate feminine things, as a biological male, this is probably normal.

Yeah I've interacted with plenty of traps online and it was a painful experience.
But I can't deal with female shit, so I just want a normal boyfriend

How fucking new are you?

>it was a painful experience
Did you forget to use lube?

>Online interactions

The other one doesn't have an overgrown clit but this does

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>online interactions