If I lose one more cent/sat, I'm calling the cyber police. Fuck you guys.

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Back then I sent jessicas nudes to her school. She got taken away from her father because they thought he was distributing cp. He then had a stroke and died because of it.

Good times

I seriously hope you are joking but probably not seeing your ID.
Karma will get you.

Cmon dude

Then we had good morning America night morning, everything was word filtered and blue. Some of us were scared /b/ would die. That was a weird fucking night.
We dun goof’d

Explain the background story of the gif


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Yeah I remember... consequences aren't the same anymore since then. Totally dun goofed.

Google "jessi slaughter nude". Its all hot cp

He is dead and now she’s 400lbs and in a wheelchair good going

look up jessica slaughter.


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Can you pls post a sauce on this? I want to see a where are they now


ever since he's notified the cyber police and traced my email consequences haven't been the same. i done goofed.

This her tumblr. Buy some nudes lads.

Also instagram:

She's basically a retard pretending her legs dont work because shes got mental health problems.

You have to be over 18 to post here.

Damn. She is a mess.

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brian slushy

damn 11 yo old tits.

she got fugly though. REALLY fugly


the walking sticks, too funnay

and the wheel chair. seriously

"ate some shaved ice it was good" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH

how can she be wheel chair bound in one picture

but standing up, firing a gun in the other

me thinks she got the idea from airport security. Beat the lines, get in a wheel chair.

infact, proof is right here

Basically taken the same day

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and the beta orbiter in the picture. SERIOUSLY. how desperate do you have to be to wanna fuck any of these girls.
maybe if you were REALLY drunk you could fuck the 3 in the back. But that's that.

Damn I missed the fake weelchair evolution.
We really created a monster.

>kids on biz

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