WHALE "BRO"? Maybe not

To sum it up, I messaged him to figure out what his deal was. And in the end, his response was that he doesn't mind me posting logs as it'll bring awareness to his cause. Scam or not, that's for you to decide. I've made up my mind. Time will tell I guess.

To follow will be my conversation with him. Take from it what you will

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Conversation 1/6

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6/6 , the end.

Hopefully this helps some of you come to a conclusion on whether or not this dude is legit.

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I know, right? lol

Im literally multimillionare from crypto but give me 2k and I will give you a great hint btw

Right? lol

I just hope anyone on the edge of believing this dude takes a moment to read this conversation and comes to their own conclusion.

lonely whale forever lonely.
what a load of crock

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>Make two accounts
>One named "The Lonely Whale"
>Other one named "Another Whale"
>Make one post on biz with each
>Predict BTC will go up with one, BTC down with the other
>"Haha I waz rite guise, I know next 20000x coin, pay me 2K and I'll tell you"

Pajeets are getting smarter

fucking pajeet whale

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Checked. Good work detective.

>you have played into my cards

For those of you that want to get straight to the point, please refer to this log.

Please keep this bumped as hopefully it helps others see what this dude is about.

Has this "whale" ever shown wallet


He seems to be one of those "Buy my guide on how to be financially independant" which tells how to perform the same type of scam that the original seller is doing.

Pretty much. There was more conversation afterwards of him trying to save face but I figured 6 panels was enough to get the idea.

holy fuck are you for fucking real
get gun yourself down with a shotgun

4000x's man! Super promising lol. I can't believe he spewed this nonsense at me and that according to him, others bought into this shit. If so, it baffles me.

lol the lonely whale is a ugly nigger and his mother has cancerino

This coin is Espers, sirs. Big gains x20000 pls sirs buy on Yobit exchange, god bless ur family sirs have a gr8 day

Lol what a cocksucker

Man, really lookin for that rocket potential? Is it a brand new coin listed on CoinExchange perhaps just waiting to be exit scammed? ALL IN


>pajeets are evolving

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Yup. Hopefully this one gains some attention.

this asshole is basically the crypto version of those late night/early morning infomercials that promise to make you rich for 99.95 +shipping and handling.

>pay him 20k
>mfw tells me to buy LINK

The ultimate pajeet

I really wanted to know what he was going to attempt to shill lol. I would have bet money it was LINK or something like that.

To be fair, If I were him I would charge too for information. I mean I'm not exactly sure what people expect, for him to give out info for free lol? No one is forcing you to buy.

Lol the writing style is the same.

Whalebro, is that you?

Where the fuck do you think he gets this "insider info"? You may as well go hit him up as he said people will still go to him for information. And sure enough, people like you are already showing their faces to prove him right.

I sure hope that simply because he and I both used grammar that you are not implying that I wasted my time by having a conversation with myself only to post this online to shit on someone I don't even know. lol

Do you guys want to know what the coin is?

The coin is BTO. bottos.

Mainnet released in MAY. masternodes launch as well. giving talk at standford this weekend.

Machine learning AI with a working product.

you are welcome.

I dont usually do this lol, but fuck these whale assholes.


That's not the point. The point is, if you were in his position, you would charge to give out info as well. It all just depends on if you trust him or not and if he has a reputation.

He's no different than Yoda, really. Yoda has a paid group that he offers signals and advice to.

The absolute state of biz.

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Can't wait for
>I got BTfO'd

Nice try, Whalebro.

>Not even listening to what I have to say

Why bother with these morons

shut up ugly nigger

>reddit spacing
>unethical arguments
Go back to wherever you came from, you're obviously not from here.

Oh Im listening. I just heard enough of this shit directly from his mouth.

Tell me, what exactly is the basis on why I should believe a word about what he says? What sort of proof does he have to backup his claims of potential success?

Here's one for you straight from him. Wheres the credibility?

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Kek he tried the 20k with me as well bro will post screens if your interested?

The Pajeets are LEARNING.

Clever girl.

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Put em up man, the more people showing the better lol.

Top kek. Thanks Ahab

Top kek. Thanks Ahab


>Wheres the credibility?
Well like I said, it all depends on his reputation. Clearly you dont think paying for his info is worth it. Which, I actually agree with you - I think he needs to build up his reputation first.

But deriding him because he's asking for payment as if its a gotcha moment is fucking stupid. This is part of the space...people put up paywalls all the time. I guess its a nice little witchhunt for biz to do and to take out their frustration on a perceived scammer while the market tanks.

And they say Reddit is bad for Witch hunts. Ya'll are just as bad.

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skipping straight to the juicy bits.

Also this is obviously Whale bro trying to save face

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I am not Whalebro lol. I'm just an user that's been following this little witchhunt with amusement.

If there was established credibility or it didn't start at 5K and maybe there was a way for him to build a base of people first then maybe I can agree. But there's no substance here to prove any sort of past success.

And I'm still not convinced you aren't Whalebro lol. Just because you throw in the "I agree with you" part, doesn't mean you aren't shilling the mindset that this is potentially OK.

Nice damage control.

LOL! I love the laugh as soon as he said it haha. I tried to contain myself for as long as I could.

Ok you know what fuck off I'm done here. Believe what you want. But you all are becoming just as bad as Reddit. Idiots

Whalefag is talking about WTC. Mainnet Q2 (Mar-Jun) is HIGHLY expected to launch end of month. One of the GMN alluded to it in telegram chat. Sentiment towards waltonchain has been poor ever since the vday Twitter shit. Ppl don't seem to care that they're going live soon with 6+ child chains with businesses who have been testing the hardware/software since last year.

Hey, at least you tried.

You're kind of being massive faggot. You are partially agreeing with him but then go back to calling him a shill.

It's pretty fucked up. I think he made some good points but you just go back to calling him Whalebro in disguise.

If credibility were already established, I wouldnt have an issue with a person offering up advice. However someone with no credibility requesting 20k right up front? C'mon, be a little more logical than that. It's people like you who want to defend this person and eat up the shit hes putting down.

Nah dont bother user has it all figured out. And anyone that disagrees with him is LonelyWhale in disguise, its a giant conspiracy

fucking biz has gotten so toxic lately.


hello lonelywhale.

He's got an army (or multiple IDs) going today to support him!

You people who are defending LonelyWhale have it all wrong. In what way is it ok to charge people 20,000 dollars for information about a highly speculative asset that honestly, no matter what he thinks, has a good chance of not doing anything? Dude is literally preying on newfags and people desperate to make it. In other words, the "whale" is an unethical ass

>Anyone who disagrees with me is Whalebro
>Using that as a way to dismiss their opinions instead of having an actual discussion
Haha biz the bear market has really gotten to you
You're all slowly devolving into a bunch of babies

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Why ever you say lonelypajeetwhale

cry more faggot, lmao

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stay mad nobody is falling for your nigger tier scamming

>Doesnt realize he's being trolled

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Exactly right.

It has nothing to do with having an intelligent discussion. I have already stated that if he were someone who was established then it wouldn't be a problem. But, he's not. And to charge someone 20k for info that he makes it seem is 100% accurate? I mean c'mon man, stop being so gullible and trying to defend him lol.

The reason I say your whalebro is because he is trying to do exactly what your saying. Have people back him up and that it'll bring more people to his cause. Don't get greedy and rekt by this bullshit.

I don't really care either way, hell I'm not even 1% mad, you're the one downloading and posting baby pictures.

>I agree with the points made
>But if you disagree with any of my points you are whalebro in disguise
>Stop being so gullible, I caught someone charging for information
>I deserve thanks for this
>I'm giving him free advertising

I'm not asking for thanks. Merely trying to help others.

Great FUD against FUD tho Whalebro.

>27 posts
Perhaps this is whalebro in disguise and this is one big psyop

Terrible bait.

>Doesn't deny it
Whalebro confirmed

He sounds like all of the 'expert traders' who charge money to teach you.
The whale made 2 on point predictions that the market would go down in a downtrending market. Wow.
Those who can't do, teach

Please explain what I would gain from that? lol

Just because your argument holds no validity and your attempts to derail the real reason for this thread are not working, does not mean I am Whalebro.

I'm sorry you're a poor attempt at a troll.

>still posting to bump his thread
Whalebro, you are a genius.

Posting so other user bros dont get FUCKED OVER by whalebro.

Unless you want to pay for *POTENTIALLY* useful information, I would advise against what Whalebro is selling.

Do I know what that is? No. Could it be profitable? Sure. Most shit in this space is profitable.

With that being said I am not Whalebro and again, advise buying anything hes selling. Not sure how I can make that more clear.

Anyways you trolling shitbasket, I will no longer humor you. You've had enough.


>I'm here to warn others, I swear
>Literally a meme
>Racked up 30 posts
Whalebro, you sneaky little man. Well done.